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Let’s Explore v4 – Designs not downloading

Are your Silhouette Design Store files not downloading direct to your Silhouette library?

There could be a couple reason why. Let’s fix it!

Does your software show “Working Offline” in the bottom left corner?

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Since the Silhouette software does not have to have an internet connection in order to use it, you can set the software to “work offline”.
This means that the Silhouette library will not automatically sync on it’s own.

However, I am finding that the software will also kick it into “offline” mode in some other instances as well, even when the user has not put it to “work offline”.
One that I believe happens often is if the internet connection is interrupted, lost, or changed on the computer. This can happen if you have to change connections, such as traveling, crafting at a friends, router is reset, etc.
You may see a little message in the bottom left corner that says “Working Offline” and pressing the Sync button does not do anything.

This can be fixed very easily.

First, make sure you are logged in to the Silhouette library.

Once logged in, it may prompt the library to sync.

If not, click on your name in the top left corner.

Then check and uncheck the box next to “work offline”.

Does the library start to sync?

Ta-da! Done!

What if that doesn’t solve it?

Now, sometimes that is not the cause at all. If it does not sync up or you experience the files showing but saying Download failed, then we move on to the next steps.

First, try logging out of the library completely and then logging back in.
Click on your name in the top left corner and choose “sign out”.
Then it will prompt you to log back in.
Enter your email and password.

Does it sync up properly?

If not, we move to the next step.
I kind of feel like I’m in one of those choose your own ending storybooks, but this is the process of troubleshooting. You have to try each one to see if it will work and you have to start at the beginning or you may miss the “simple” fix first.

Click on your name in the top left corner.
Then click on the red x next to the email address. This will remove the user from the library.

You may see a message that any files not synced properly may not have saved. If you have saved your personal files to the library since the last time it was synced, I would suggest you do not proceed with the following steps and instead open those files and choose File > Save As > Save to Hard Drive. This will ensure that you have copies of your personal files that may not have synced up properly to the cloud library.

Once the files are saves, continue to remove the user.
This will prompt a log in pop up again. Do not log in yet.

Go to the Silhouette Design Store. Log in to your account and click on the person icon in the top right corner for the Account Settings.

Then click on the “Recover”

Once it is finished, go back to the Silhouette software library and log back in.

Does it sync up properly?

If not, scroll down the page and choose Reset Cloud Library Sync

Other reasons files might not download

You may also want to check how it is set up to download from the store. Under the Account settings in the store, click on Change My Account Info/Preferences.

What do you have selected under “Online Store”? If it is set to “automatically download to hard disk”, then it may not be sending those files to your library direct.

One other reason files may not be downloading to the library is if you are a user on an old software version prior to v3.8. Due to increase TLS Internet Security protocols that cover higher protection against credit card fraud, older software version can no longer connect to the Silhouette server. This is not something Silhouette has control over.
But, it is due to the protocols they have to follow and meet under the TLS guidelines.
I would recommend making a backup of your library and updating to the current version of the Silhouette software direct on the website.

Another reason may be if library cloud storage is full.
While Silhouette Design Store files do not count towards the library storage, if your cloud library is showing a full in the bottom left corner, this can cause syncing issues.
If the library storage is showing as full, you will need to save some of your personal files to an outside location. Open the file, choose File > Save As > Save to Hard drive and save it to an outside source. Once you have the file saved outside, delete the file from within the Silhouette library and empty the recycle bin.
To save individual files outside the software, you do have to open each and save individually. There is no bulk export that allows you to open the files outside the program.

If those steps above do not get it synced up properly, I would suggest getting in touch with Silhouette support and they can look at why it might not be syncing properly.
The chat is the fastest way to reach support and they are open M-F 8 am – 4 pm MST.

Library Tips

I do have one bit of caution here regarding the library.
The Silhouette Design Store files will automatically download files from the store to the Silhouette library. These files do NOT count against the cloud storage.
However, the cloud storage on the Silhouette library is limited in size. While you can store your personal files in the Silhouette library, it is designed as a syncing device and not an all inclusive storage area. The only files that Silhouette can guarantee to recover are those from the Silhouette Design Store.

This also means that if you are downloading the Design Store files direct to your hard disk and then adding them to the library, those files are counting against the cloud storage because it did not download direct.

Most users have 1 GB of cloud storage in the library. If you have a Design Store subscription or are a Club Silhouette member, then that is increased to 5 GB.
You can see in the photo above that I have 5.0 GB of cloud storage since I have a Silhouette Design Store subscription.

Nothing is 100% safe!
The safest way to store files is in multiple locations. Personally, I use an external hard drive and then back up that hard drive a couple of times a year.
Each user will need to use the best methods that work for them. Whether that is an external drive, online storage, etc.
But, the safest place is in multiple locations.

Here are a couple more tips that will help with your Silhouette software and files.

I would love to see what you create with your Silhouette machines & software.
Feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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64 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Designs not downloading”

  1. You are a genius! I’ve spent HOURS troubleshooting this exact issue with new content not in library and the offline message!! Thank you!!


  2. I cannot even tell you how long I’ve spent trying to work through this issue. Thank you for all the time you have put into your research and for sharing it with all of us! Your post has made me a happy Silhouette user once again! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!


  3. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found this. I’ve finally managed to start making the Christmas cards I bought the designs for several weeks ago but couldn’t find in my library. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.


  4. Unfortunately, I’m still unable to view the files I purchased from the design store.:(
    If you have any further assistance you can offer, I would love to hear from you!!! Thank you so much for these instructions in any case. They were very clear!!


      1. I would suggest going through all of the steps again in the blog post. If they still do not download and you have a secure internet connection, then I would get in touch with Silhouette Support. They are open M-F 8 am – 4 pm MST. The chat is typically the fastest way to get in touch with them on their website.


    1. This is a real good tutorial you gave here but my problem is i cannot get into my library account because they kept saying it all wrong account number email and password i want my designs to do my crafts now is there a video hands on this it versio4.4 basic cameo 3


  5. I am also having no luck, but your guide was very well put together. I made it to the last step and tried live chat during operating hours and waited over an hour with no response. I am now taking it up on myself to uninstall and re-install and try again. Disappointed by the support from their company.


  6. When I purchase 3rd party designs I can import them to the library but they will not show as a thumbnail, it’s very frustrating any advice greatly appreciated thanks


    1. It may just depend on the file type. It is not going to show a thumbnail like a design file from the Silhouette Design Store because the file doesn’t contain that data to give the image and show up. A svg file is just a cut file, it may show an image but it will be the image of the pieces of the file, not a completed project image because that data is not there.


  7. Thank You just by clicking and unclicking the work off line button under my name it started working. Love the rest of the article too.


  8. Hi! I’m so glad I found this! I have realized though that I think my issue is that I recently downloaded a VPN to further protect our online privacy. I am very new to using it so there is a lot I don’t know but I have a feeling this is why it shows my Silhouette library is offline and the box is not checked. Now I need to figure out how to allow my program to still download new purchases from the Silhouette Store but I at least wanted to make you aware that this could be an additional issue people may have with VPNs becoming more popular these days!


  9. I am a little bit late to the silhouette game… so I am still learning at this point. I have to tell you… I had to restart my computer but this blog post was SO HELPFUL that I just HAD to come back and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was getting beyond frustrated that my library kept kicking me to working offline and my things were not downloading. Thanks to your help I was able to fix the problem and my things downloaded perfectly. You are an angel thank you!


    1. Is it just SoFontst designs that won’t sync? Or is it Silhouette Design Store files?
      I can try to help, but would need more information. What software version are you currently using?
      Did you follow the steps in the tutorial step-by-step in the specific order?
      For outside designs, I do not recommend storing those in the Silhouette library, but save to an outside source and open from there.


  10. Help! I’m having “Queued/download failed” issues with several of my files; files I’ve created years ago, that at one time downloaded just fine, all the way to the last file I purchased four days ago from the Silhouette store that would only say queued. I’m not sure when the issue started, I’m guessing several months ago. I’ve followed all steps/directions for the v4 downloads not loading, up through the “recover” step. The recovery still hasn’t finished. How many hours should the recovery take? It’s been more than 15 hours over 4 nights, and I’m afraid I’ve lost everything.

    I have a PC, a Cameo 4 with Designer + and my silhouette library had over 11,000 files. I’m still logged out of my silhouette account, but currently using some version of 4. Should I keep going, the computer says syncing?

    Thank you!


      1. It is Designer Plus 4.4.892ssae
        The “recover” finally ended, 25+ hours later! So happy and I don’t think anything was lost as library shows 17,000+ files. Unfortunately the problem isn’t fixed. Several files still show “download failed/Queued,” as well as several library icons are only half visible. Is there a fix?

        Thank you!


      2. Do the files that show half visible open when you double click? If so, there is nothing to be done right now. It is a bug and they are aware and investigating it.
        The download/failed/queued – are those Silhouette Design Store files or personal designs? Are they by chance free with machine designs?


      3. Yes the files that are only half visible stay that way when double clicked.

        The download/failed/queued are a mixture of both files from the Silhouette Design Store and personal designs. The last file I purchased from the Silhouette Design store was a Haunted House, Design #21539 on 9/5/22. It would not download at all, and was the reason I started to try to resolve this issue. Now after 25+ hours of syncing, the Haunted House library file icon isn’t visible, it still says Queued, but when I double click it does load onto my workspace, so the recovery step did help!


      4. Please contact Silhouette Support regarding the issue of files not syncing.
        The half visible files are a bug – what I was asking is if they open on the Design Space when you double click on them. The thumbnail will stay half hidden – that’s the bug. You can try right clicking and choose Retry Download and then close and reopen the software – it may or may not work depending on your software version. But it’s a bug and will be fixed in the future as I’ve reported it.


      5. Yes, the half visible files do open in the Design Space when I double click on them. I’m so glad to hear this will be fixed with a future software update. Thanks for all of your help, your explanations are wonderful and easy to understand!


  11. Good afternoon, I have a problem that does not seem to fit with the options of the article.

    Being synchronized and online, the library files fail to download constantly, do you know anything about it? Thanks in advance


    1. Do you get an error that reads – Retry download? Or is it simply that the thumbnail image isn’t showing fully?
      Click your name in the top left corner, check the Work Offline and uncheck it again to force a sync. Do they then sync up?
      If it’s just the thumbnail image not showing up completely – this explains more on that, however, the file should be usable.


  12. I am working through the steps, but when I get to the recover part after logging into the design store part, there is no recover option.


    1. Under My Account in the Design Store is a bunch of different tabs – one is Recover. Should be exactly like my photo…. I can currently see it on my mobile phone…
      Account Info – Payment Info – Orders – Rewards – Recover
      And several others…..


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