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Let’s Explore v4 – Recovered Documents

Recovered Documents

Did you know that the Silhouette software has an Auto-save feature?
When you open the Silhouette Studio program, is there a Recovered Documents Panel that pops up?
Recovered documents copy

This Panel can also be found under the File menu in the top left corner, then Open Recovered.

File Open Recovered copy

The Auto save feature will save a copy of the files you have open if for some reason the software closes unexpectedly or perhaps the computer decides to do an update and shuts everything down.
Windows updates have been getting me lately when I leave my computer on and I come back and notice that my Silhouette software is no longer open.

While this is a great feature, I would not rely on it to keep your files safe. It is a nice feature to have as a back up, but it may not save it exactly where you would want it to and some work may be lost. So it is recommended to save your work often.

But, this is something I see often when I’m in a lesson or teaching at an event. A student opens the software and has a lot of files in the Recovered Documents Panel.

This takes up precious computer power!

Every time that the software is opened, those files in the Recovered Documents Panel have to load. The software is remembering those files and that can eat up computer power and make the software run slower because it has all those files open.

Each of the files can be clicked on and opened. This way you can check to make sure that all the changes you’ve made have been saved before the software last closed.

Discard Recovered Documents

Discard those Recovered Documents and the software should run a lot smoother because it is not having to load those files each time.

Discard All copy

I always recommend this to my students in our lessons and they are amazed at how much they notice a difference in how the Silhouette software reacts.

Just like making a library back up, this is a good habit to get into and help keep the software running smoothly.
A few clicks and you will be ready to create your next Silhouette project with the software all ready to go.

Feel free to post your comments and questions below or on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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13 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Recovered Documents”

  1. Thank you Elly, I have always wondered why that is. I would like to know where to save all of my projects and files other then my library. Have you already written a post about what are good places to do this and how?
    thank you,
    Michelle Lawson


    1. The safest place to save them is in multiple locations. Each user will vary in what they are comfortable with but just know that nothing is 100% safe…..
      Personally, I save mine to an external hard drive & then I back that external hard drive up to another hard drive several times a year….. Some users use online storage like Dropbox or OneDrive….. I don’t use those for my files personally but it really just depends on what you are comfortable with.
      I don’t store them on my computer, so I can keep it cleaner & running smoother…. But just a personal preference….


    1. The Silhouette Cloud is designed as a syncing device to be able to access files on multiple computers. It is not designed as an all inclusive storage area. Files are stored where ever you choose to save them. The Recovered Documents is the Autosave feature of the Silhouette software if your program shuts down unexpectedly. It’s a great feature, but should be cleared out on occasion to help your software run better.


    2. The Silhouette Cloud is designed as a syncing device to access files on multiple devices. It is not designed as an all inclusive storage device. Silhouette recommends keeping a backup of your files or the originals saved to an outside location. The best place to have them saved is multiple locations. The Recovered Documents is an auto save feature in case your software is shut down unexpectedly, such as a Windows update that restarts your computer…. this is great but not something that should be relied on and should be cleared out on occasion for best results.


  2. Hi, my computer hard drive failed. I have a copy of the data.xxxxx files but how do I open them?
    They are not showing as a local library..
    Thanks for any help.


  3. Hello, I have a Cameo 4 and still having trouble with my images disappearing. I get images from Google they are in png images or just a picture from family. I understand it has to do with large data. My question is, How do I fix the data to where my picture and images will stop disappearing? I have tried unplugging from computer, deleted recycling bin but that didn’t work. Thank you so much for the help and advice. Shawntel


  4. My computer died and after I was able to log back into Silhouette Studio none of the projects I was working on wea auto-saved. Recovered documents displays this date, 1/1/1904, 12:00AM. Is there any way to recover anything?


    1. At this point, no, if the file did not sync the Auto save, then they are no longer available. I would highly recommend getting in the habit of saving often. And to keep the Recovered documents folder cleared out.


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