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Let’s Explore v4 – Text to path

Text to path

*created in version 4.2 of the Silhouette software

Let’s explore how to take ordinary text and make it more interesting by adding it onto a path. The most common way I see this used is when you want the text to form to a circle or oval shape.
But why stop there? You can add text onto so many other paths.

Text to Path photo copy

Let’s take a look at how to do this.

Click on the Text tool on the left side, then click on the mat to get a text cursor and type out the text.

Text to Path 1 copy

Next, I fill my text with color using the Fill Color Panel on the right side. This helps to see the text better and select the object easier.

Then, click on the Text Style Panel on the right side and change the text style.

Now, draw the shape that you want the text to snap to. Let’s start with an oval, since this is the most common shape I see users try to use.
Note: I have increased the Line thickness so that you can see my shape easier.

Text to Path on circle copy

Double click on the text and a control point will appear in the bottom left corner.
Note: if the text has been changed in any way, such as welding or converting to path, it is no longer editable text and this will not appear.

Text to Path Circle2 copy

Grab the control point and drag it to the object you want it to conform to.

When the text snaps to the shape, a slider bar will appear on the left side and the text can be adjusted.

Text slider out copy

Moving the slider up on the bar, moves the text out away from the shape.

Text Slider in copy

Moving the slider down on the bar, moves the text inside of the line of the shape.

Make any additional changes to the text, such as increasing the character spacing, etc.

If you have a script text, right click and choose Weld.

Weld copy

This will weld any overlapping letters and then release the font from the shape.
Now, keep in mind that the text is no longer editable once it is welded. Make a copy and pull it to the side if you want to keep the original text to go back to.

Each font style is going to look different and you may need to adjust the character spacing on the Text Style Panel to make it overlap so it welds.

If the text is not overlapping, right click on the text and choose Convert to Path.

Convert to path copy

This will release the font from the shape.
Now, the text is a design and no longer editable text.

This is an important step, especially if you are cutting the design from HTV and need to flip the image before you cut. If the text is not converted to a path, it will not flip correctly.

Flip Horizontally copy

Now, if that ever happens, you know why and how to fix it.
Make sure to convert to path or weld before you flip the design.

Now, let’s play with some shapes.

In the newly released v4.2 software, there are Flexi-Shapes on the left tool menu. I chose the star and then changed the points to 5.

Flexi Shapes copy

I have increased the Line thickness again, so it can be seen better.

Now, type out the text.

If the text does not fit on one line, grab the teal slider bar on the right side and move it farther right, until all the text is on one line.

Text expansion copy

Now, grab the control point that appears in the bottom left corner of the text box and drag it to the shape. Move it around the shape until you have it how you like.

Twinkle star control point copy

Each font and shape will vary in what looks better or if it splits words, etc. Play with the character spacing, the text size, and more until the desired look is achieved.

Want the text on a wave?

Use the Draw Curve Shape tool on the left side and draw your wave.

Text to wave copy

Type out the text, grab the control point in the bottom left, and drag to the wavy line.

Text to wave2 copy

When it’s positioned how you like, right click and choose Convert to Path. Now, the line can moved away.

Wave finished copy

Now, what can you think of to create with the Text to Path feature?

What about adding to a pre-made design to personalize it?

Granny design copy

Up Up Away copy

Or inside a banner?

Happy Birthday Banners copy

A design for a card or a sign on a wall?

Welcome Little One copy

Each one of these shapes works a bit differently and you will need to play with it to see how the Text to Path snaps to the image.

Don’t forget to make a copy of the design before right clicking on the image and choosing Convert to Path.

Text To Path

I would love to see what you create with this feature!

Designs used in the examples are from the Silhouette Design Store:
Heart Arrow by Sophie Gallo – Design #177769
Hot Air Balloon by Rhonna Farrer – Design #182992
Banner by American Crafts – Design #19529
Banner by Skyla Design – Design #267349
Basic Banner by Silhouette – Design #141887
Baby Footprint Heart by Studio Illustrado – Design #198883

Feel free to post your comments and questions below or on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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