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Let’s Explore v4 – Warp Templates

The warp templates area new to the v4.2 software release. They are available with the Designer Edition upgrade or higher and a version higher than v4.2.279 of the Silhouette software.

To update the Silhouette software version, I would highly recommend going to the Silhouette website and downloading the update direct from there.

Before updating the software version, I would highly recommend making a backup of the library. You can find more details on the Silhouette library for versions before v4.2 in this post – Let’s Explore v4 – Silhouette Library Tips.

Warp Templates

The warp templates are found under the Warp Panel on the right side. Depending on your screen size, you may have a pop out menu or you may see the full list of panel icons on the right side.

Warp Panel copy

In the left photo, you will see the fly out menu for a smaller screen and on the right side, you will see the full panel list expanded. Again, this is dependent on screen size.

There are 6 different options for Warp Templates.

Here are the first 3 on the left side of the Warp Panel.

Warp first 3 shapes copy

And here are the 3 templates from the right side of the Panel.

Warp last 3 shapes copy

The templates can be used as is or you have even more options to customize the text.

Points copy

By grabbing and moving the points, you can edit the text even further.

Move points copy

Another tool that would come in handy here is the Snap to Grid feature. Most times when I use the software, I like the freedom to move my design freely and in small increments.
With the Snap to Grid option, it will move to the next grid space measurement that you have selected. This can help in aligning the points of a warped shape.
For instance, if you move the left bottom point and you want to make sure that you move the right bottom point so it’s perfectly aligned.

Snap to Grid option copy

Open the Page Setup Panel – top right icon. Click on the 2nd tab at the top to bring up the Grid Options.

Check the box next to Show Grid and Snap to Grid. Now, when the orange points are moved, they will snap to the grid spacing.

I love letting the software do the work for me!

At this point, the text can still be changed by double clicking in it to get the text cursor.

Change text copy

When you are satisfied with the changes to the text, then choose the Release Warp option and it will change it take it out of the Warp edit.

Release Warp copy

Notice that it separates each letter and you will need to group the design back together for it to move as one object.

If the changes are not what you had in mind, choose the Restore Original Shapes option and the text will revert back to the original design.

Restore original copy

And there is more!!!

Grab the slider on the right side of the panels and it reveals more Warp Template options.

Slider more options copy

So much fun to play with all the options available to you in the software.

Left side 2 copy

Right side 2 copy

Now, what are some ideas that you can think of to create Word Art with these Warp Templates?

Final copy

Feel free to post your comments and questions below or on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Warp Templates”

  1. Have you heard of anyone having trouble getting the newest version of silhouette to open in their computer. Silhouette did say some people are having it accept the new upgrade.

    Thank you.


    1. I have seen both. A lot of it is dependent on the computer but I have not seen an exact reason be identified. There are specific software requirements and you want to exceed those as much as possible.
      It is a heavy graphics program.
      If the software updated through the program itself, I would highly recommend uninstalling and reinstalling direct from the website.
      I would highly suggest a backup of the library before uninstalling, if you store personal files in the library.
      If it is crashing on the opening of the program, you can try this –


  2. Hello I have a question! So the puzzle and warp additions is that with the update or the upgrade? Do I have to pay in order to use them?


    1. Yes, both are upgrade features. The upgrade is a one time fee to purchase & then it can be active on up to 3 computers.
      The Warp Templates are a Designer Edition feature, while Puzzle Generator & Conical Warp are Designer Edition Plus features. Swing Design has great prices on the upgrades – afil
      Business Edition is the highest upgrade and will unlock all the features in the software.
      You can either upgrade in steps or go straight from the Basic to Business.


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