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Let’s Explore the Mint & Silhouette v4

I have had this little machine for a while now, a couple years in fact. Before last weekend, I had only created 2 stamps.
Why? Time – there just isn’t enough time to do it all.

Mint Stamp machine copy

It all started with Christmas cards and one thing lead to another.
Check out my post last week for a FREE cut file for a Z Fold card that can be used for all occasions.

Now let’s see how it works!

Silhouette Mint Machine

First, if you don’t have one you can pick one up for around $25 on Amazon. That is what I recommend. It’s one of the best prices I’ve seen on this little machine.

Find it out HERE.

The next thing I would recommend is watch for sales on the Silhouette supplies. Right now until December 13th, Silhouette America has a 50% off sale on tools & supplies if you use my code SILSECRETS. And it’s FREE shipping with a $100 order. Guess what that means? Well, I stocked up on supplies a couple of times. I just kept going back for more.

So if you can catch that sale, it is the best time to stock up on it.

What is the Silhouette Mint good for? Personalized stamps. And it’s so simple.

Create your design in Silhouette Studio. Open the design in the Mint Studio software. Choose the stamp size you are using. And follow the on screen directions to print your stamp. Ink it up and let the ink soak in for 5-10 minutes. Then stamp it off 20-30 times and you should be good to go. If the ink starts to fade, re-ink it and keep on stamping.


And you have unique stamps that you can use or give as gifts.

Ok, now let’s go into a little more detail.

Designing a Mint Stamp

First, I start in the Silhouette Studio software and design my stamp.

Do you know what the hardest part is for me? Settling on a design.

You would think it would be something software related, but no – it’s design related. I have a hard time committing to the design I like. I even sent this off to a friend to help me choose the design for these teacher stamps.

But, let me tell you when I do commit and put this little stamp through the machine, I do a little happy dance at the results.

Teacher stamp photo copy

I draw a box the size of the stamp I want to use and then place my design in it in order to see how it will look. Before I save the file, I delete the box.

I found it helpful to use the template (box) when designing and thought I would provide you with a FREE download of all the sizes.
Download it HERE or click on the photo.

Mint Stamp Template copy.jpg

Once I have the design I want on the stamp, I group the design together and then use File > Save As > Save to Hard Drive and choose a location to save the file to.

Save to Hard Drive copy

Open the Mint Studio software. I am using the v1.3.044 that is the most recent release of Mint Studio found on the Silhouette website HERE. I found it under the Beta section and it has worked beautifully.

When the initial window pops up, choose Open. Or use File Open in the Mint Studio and open the file that you saved from Silhouette Studio.

Mint Studio

In my design, I have 3 images that I will be creating stamps with.

Next, choose the stamp size you want to use.

Stamp Size copy.jpg

Select the design and then in the top left menu click on Object > Align > Center to Stamp.

Align Center copy

This will move the design into the center of the stamp area.

Align Stamp copy

I moved the other designs off the white space. Anything in the gray area is in the holding area and will not be used in the design of the stamp.

Once the design is placed how you like on the stamp space, click on the Send to Mint icon in the top right. 

Send to Mint copy.jpg

When you click on the “Send to Mint” icon, it will automatically mirror the image for the stamp and you will see that reflected on the screen.

Make sure the Mint machine is plugged into your computer, a power source, and turned on.

Next you will follow the Steps listed on the Send to Mint Panel.

Step 1 and 2

Step 1, in this case, I have no filters to check since I designed and opened it from Silhouette Studio.

Click on Start Mint in Step 2. The power button will flash on the Mint machine and in the bottom right of the software, the Mint machine icon it will start to register.

Start Mint copy

When it says Status: Insert Stamp Sheet, carefully place the stamp sheet arrow in to the back of the Mint Stamp Machine. Do not force the stamp sheet in. The machine will start to register it and pull it in as needed.

IMG_20191208_193554061 copy

And out pops a stamp. It’s magical!

Next, fold the chipboard back at the dotted line on the stamp sheet and peel the black stamp blank off.

IMG_20191208_195956817 copy

Then take the brown protective cover off the stamp block. Then carefully place the back of the stamp sheet onto the sticky side of the stamp block.

Carefully add Mint Ink to the stamps and let it soak in. Add another layer of ink if it soaks in quickly.

IMG_20191208_155350153 copy

I wipe any excess that didn’t soak in away with a paper towel and then stamp it off until the stamp is clear of excess ink.

And now you have a stamp made using the Silhouette software and Mint Studio. Both of these are free software programs that you can download HERE.
The possibilities are endless on what you could create with it.

Planner Stamps copy

Use it to create your own planner stamps or to create a unique gift to give.

Mint photo copy

Add a sentiment to a card.

IMG_20191209_112259954 copy

Check out last weeks blog post HERE on creating this Z-fold card with a FREE cut file.

Or grab one to give as a gift to someone HERE and then have a Mint stamping party!

You may have noticed that my Mint machine is not “naked” any longer. I have covered it with Cut Crawlers Sparkleberry Ink patterned vinyl using a file created by a friend & colleague Barbara Foster with Let’s Go Silhouetting.
Grab that file HERE!
It fits the Mint machine perfectly, right down to pieces that go on the usb & power cord.


And that is not all. I have also created a short video following the steps listed above in creating a Mint stamp. You can view it on my Youtube channel HERE or below.

This only breaks the surface of all the neat things that you can do with the Silhouette Mint machine.
Check out this this video from Silhouette America HERE on more details when working with your Mint.

I would love to see what you create with your Silhouette software and Mint machine.  Feel free to post on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Explore the Mint & Silhouette v4”

    1. I love the Mint machine and have about a dozen stamps made. You can get a perfect stamped image by putting craft foam under the cardstock or paper you’re stamping on.


  1. Elly, thanks for sharing the link for the Mint Wrap! I, too, use my Mint to make stamps for my planner. Another amazing thing about your post is that you and I use the same planner!! Hahaha! ;-D


    1. I saw how you used yours when we were together in September, although I didn’t see the front cover. But I thought I’d try to use a smaller one this year. You were so efficient pulling it in and out to make notes. I saw this at Sam’s & thought I’d give it a go. Mine has a giraffe on the front.


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