My little mermaid 

So a few weeks ago I shared this photo on my Silhouette Secrets Group page and it sparked a lot of interest to what I was making…. Well, it is actually several projects and I’m here today to show you the project I used my Silhouette to help me create.


I found this tutorial for Princess dress up aprons on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for my kids. We have very tall kids so the store bought Princess dresses do not always fit well or for very long. This is perfect for them to use for a long time to come. I actually made these Little Mermaid ones for my nieces as a Christmas gift.


If I actually could sit down and go from start to finish on the project, it would only take a couple hours. But, I have 3 little interruptions, I was making 2 of them at the same time and everyone seems to want dinner… every single night…. So I worked on them a little here and a little there….

img_5265 I used my Silhouette machine to cut the seashells on the bodice. First I sprayed them with Terial Magic, let them dry a bit and heat set that with my iron. terial-magic Then, I added some sew-able interface backing to the fabric and put it on my Silhouette mat. This helps to stabilize the material even more and make it easier for the Silhouette blade to cut it. I then found my seashell I wanted from a design I had purchased in the Silhouette store. I duplicated the shell and aligned them next to each other. I added a rectangle between them and then welded the 3 shapes together. And changed my cut settings to Fabric and hit the cut button in Design Studio.

Tip: I keep separate blades for each type of material I am cutting, such as – Vinyl, cardstock, fabric, etc.


And what a joy to see my nieces open up their gifts on Christmas morning!

I asked my youngest if she would like a Little Mermaid apron & she says “I want Tinkerbell!”. So off to the craft store we go again for green & yellow fabric. So I’m sure you will see me back again showing off her Tinkerbell apron, just as soon as I find the time to start that project.

Crafting with your Cameo = So many possibilities….. So little time!

Enjoy !

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