Beach Home decor

Sometimes you just can’t pass by something in the craft store. I really don’t need any more paper in my craft stash but beach themed was calling my name…… and it jumped in my cart.

These images were all part of 12 x 12 sheet of paper and I cut it apart to make 4 – 6 x 6 squares. I found canvas blanks that were the same size and used Mod Podge to add the paper onto the canvas. Once the Mod Podge was dry, I sponged some ink on the edges of each one to match the background colors.

These canvas squares do not have backing on them so I will just add a 3M hanger to the back to hang on our walls.
img_6107Now that these are dry, it’s time to find a place for them in our house.

I only used one sheet of paper and now have the entire pack to use for other projects. A very low cost home decor item that I can change out at any time that came together very quickly.


SS_Signature_Character copy

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