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Silhouette Cut Complete Message

Have you ever sent a project to cut on the Silhouette and then the housing moves just a bit and it says “Cut Complete”, but it didn’t do anything?

The most common cause of this is that the cut lines are not turned on.

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What does that mean?

When you are on the Send tab and under the Simple option, the cut lines should turn a bold red around the design if they are turned on.

Design Example: Beach Sunglasses by Erica Digital Design – Design #353055

In the photo above, there are no cut lines turned on, so the Silhouette machine will start by moving the blade housing and may even adjust the blade, then it will say “Cut Complete” because it’s done it’s job.

If you have a file like this, click on the design to select it – this is the most important part!
Then choose Cut and bold red cut lines should turn on around the design.
If you do not select the object first, then when you try to choose Cut it will not work.
When an object is selected, you will see a gray selection box around the design.

Usually, it is that simple and then you can send it to cut again and it will cut the design.

What if the bold red cut lines are not around the design when you turn them on?

This can happen if the object you are using is not a cut file. For instance if it is a jpeg or png file. These are flattened graphic files and not ready-to-cut files.
When you select the object and choose Cut, you may see the bold red cut line turn on in a rectangle around the image.

Design Example: Water Tracker svg file by Big Field Company

In this case, if you have the svg file, open that and it is your cut file.

If you do not have a svg, a dxf file is another option, however, I would read this first so you know what you might experience
DXF or SVG for Silhouette

If you do not have a dxf or a svg file to open, then you will need to trace the image to get cut lines around it.
You can find more on using the Trace feature HERE in the
Let’s Explore v4 – Trace Panel – Tab 1

Hopefully, it’s just a matter of turning on the cut lines for the image you are using.

The more you dive into the software and watch how things work, you will start to see patterns on why things act as they do.

If you do run into questions or issues, please feel free post on the
Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook Group.
We love to see the projects you are working on too!

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