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Let’s Explore – 5 Silhouette Resources

Today I want to provide a few resources that can help you on your Silhouette journey. I call it a journey because there is so much to learn with the Silhouette software and projects, there is really no end. We are all on this journey together and we have all started at the same place – The Beginning – at one time or another.

5 Silhouette Resources

Tutorial written in Silhouette Studio v4.3.372
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1 – Silhouette Studio User Manual in the software

Open the Silhouette software. Click on the Help menu in the top left corner.

A User Manual will open as a PDF document.

Use the Page numbers at the top to advance to a particular page or on the computer keyboard click Ctrl+F at the same time and a Find window will pop up and you can search by keywords.

2 – Shortcuts

Did you know that there are shortcuts in the Silhouette software? These are keystrokes that toggle tools and features on and off.

The shortcuts diagram can be found at the end of the User’s Manual in the software. Using the page numbers, type in 118, then hit enter and it will take you to the last page of the manual for the diagram. This can be printed out for reference.

My favorite shortcuts are Ctrl+Z for Undo and Ctrl+G for Group.

3 – Silhouette Handbook in the Silhouette Design Store

The Silhouette handbook is a free ebook in the Silhouette Design Store.
Grab it HERE.

This book has over 350 pages of Silhouette information packed into it.

Once you download the handbook it will show in the Silhouette library when it is synced and can be accessed under the Ebooks folder in the library tree.

Double click on it and it will open the PDF document. Ctrl+F will also bring up a Finder window that you can search by a keyword.

Or you can download it direct to your hard drive and open it from there. You can even print out pages from the book for hard copy reference.

4 – Silhouette 101 blog & tutorials

The Silhouette 101 website is packed full of information that can be helpful to new and seasoned users. It is not just for creative inspiration but you will find machine manuals, tutorials, free classes, and free e-books on there as well.

Click on the Getting Started section and see machine manuals.

Click on the Tutorials section and you will see free ebooks, software how tos, and projects as well.

Click on the Videos and you will see classes, software tutorials, and more.

So many great things can be found on the Silhouette 101 website in addition to the project blog posts.

5 – Silhouette Secrets+ website

The “Let’s Explore v4” series has been going strong for a couple of years now and is so much more than I imagined when I first started writing it.

The Silhouette software is so powerful that it is amazing how much I have learned in writing detailed posts on the different tools and features in the software.
There is always something new to learn.

Join me in this “Let’s Explore v4” journey as we learn all the details of the tools and features in the software.

Silhouette classes are another great way to dive into the software and really learn a particular task or project.

I’ve been teaching Silhouette classes for the past 4 years and this past year launched my online courses. I created these courses at the request of my students as they wanted to access them when they had time available and be able to re-watch them.

At the top of the blog is a Silhouette Instructions & Events tab.
Click on that and the first option is Online Video Classes.

From there click the link to my Teachable site to see all the courses available.

This will open up the Teachable site and you can see all the classes available.

The most popular class so far is the Beginner Setup & First Cuts with Silhouette.

The best way to learn the Silhouette is to play, play, play. It is just like learning anything else new, it will take time to learn and to perfect! The biggest thing I can encourage you to do is to be patient with yourself!
I hope this has helped to give you a few ideas of where to look for more information!

I would love to see your creations!
Feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

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