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Silhouette Cameo Pro DIY Stand/table

I’ve shared a few glimpses of this DIY stand/table that we’ve been in the process of creating for the Cameo Pro. And it’s now finished – whew!
Let me tell you, writing the instructions, filming the video, and writing the blog post took twice as long as actually building the stand.

Whether you are considering building your own stand/table for a machine or not, I hope you’ll continue reading and watching as all Silhouette users can pick up some tips from the information in the video below. And maybe share a laugh too!

The photos on the wall aren’t really crooked, just the angle of the photo – lol.

If you are a Cameo Pro owner then you know how large this machine is and if you have been considering it, this is great information to know about so you can plan for it.

Since the machine has a cutting width of 24″ it is much larger than the average Silhouette machine. The machine is approximately 35″ wide and you really want the entire width of the machine to be securely supported.

You also want to consider whether you will be using a cutting mat with the machine or not. If you will be, the full length of that cutting mat needs to be fully supported and rolling in and out of the machine as flat as possible. The Pro simply cannot work against gravity and keep in mind that the mat and material on the mat is weight. If it is hanging down in front of the machine the cuts may not line up properly.
And keep in mind that you need the clearance in the back of the machine whether you are using vinyl or a cutting mat.
There has to be somewhere for the material to go.

I just have to say that after filming the video above, there is never a dull moment in our house. If I get everything set up to record, then it never fails the microphone dies, I forget to push record, the camera is full and shuts off, I misspeak and say 12″ vinyl instead of 24″ vinyl, or you find something unusual where it shouldn’t be.
It’s life! And sometimes you just have to laugh it off!

Note: the sock is gone but new things appear. It’s like the Easter bunny or Santa leaving presents. You just never know what I’ll find.

It’s life…. lol.
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Here are the supplies we used to create this DIY Cameo Pro stand:

Necessary tools:
Power Drill with #2 Phillips screw driver
Saw & Miter Box
Tape Measure
– Pencil
3/32-inch drill bit
Sand Paper (120 grit, 180 grit, 220 grit)

Recommended Tools:
1 to 2 – 6-inch clamps
Wood glue
Miter Saw
Countersink Drill Bit Set
Spackle, Paint, Paint Brush
– Power sander (quarter sheet or random orbital)

– 1 – 4’ x 8’ sheet of 3/4 inch Sandeply (Home Depot/Lowes) *$40.98
– 5 – 1 x 3 x 8’ (Home Depot/Lowes) *$36.05
– 1 – 1 x 4 x 6’ (Home Depot/Lowes) – *$5.15
– 100 – #8 x 1¼” Phillips wood screws (Home Depot/Lowes/Amazon) *$9.01
– 100 – #8 x 3/4” Phillips wood screws (Home Depot/Lowes/Amazon) *$7.28
– 4 – Drop Leaf Hinges (Amazon) or similar *$15.97
– 4 – 3” Urethane Casters (Harbor Freight) *$15.96

*Our cost – note prices may vary by location. Total cost of base table supplies = $130.40

Both of the signs were creating using the Cameo Pro and the wider cutting space.

This Cameo Pro stand was designed so that a crafter could complete the construction using basic tools. My biggest concern for any new Cameo Pro owner is that the machine is fully supported and stable so you can get the best use and most consistent cuts.

The one thing I would highly suggest is reading the instructions and viewing the photos a couple of times before starting. Even though I was right in the middle of the build process, I still re-read the written instructions several times.

We have written a step-by-step 27-page PDF document that is complete with photos and detailed instructions for the construction of this DIY Cameo Pro Stand.
These instructions are a downloadable PDF document available
on my Teachable site HERE.

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Whether you build your own Cameo Pro stand or not, I hope that the video and photos have given you some tips and ideas to think about when setting up your own Cameo Pro.

It is amazing how my to-do list for the Cameo Pro has grown. Just like everything else, it seems like a never ending list of projects I want to complete.

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What are you creating with your Silhouette machine?

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