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Cameo 4 Pro New Features

Cameo 4 Pro New Features

I’m so excited to be able to bring this to you and let you know the new features that the Cameo 4 Pro machine has available.

First, here is an unboxing video of the Cameo 4 Pro. When I watched the replay of the video I had to laugh because I could see how excited I was to open it up and reveal everything. That was my first glimpse of the machine and the new features.

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Sponsored post. I was asked to test the machine prior to release and I put in a lot of machine hours putting it through the paces to see how it would perform.
All opinions are my own and from hours of testing with the machine.

If you are looking for the new Cameo Pro, find it at Silhouette America HERE.
Or grab it at Michaels HERE with FREE shipping too!
Pre-order from Swing Design HERE
they are estimating shipping beginning at the end of November to beginning of December

Signs from Hobby Lobby and measure 19.75″ x 26.75″ inside the frame. Decals were cut as one solid piece of vinyl.

First, I will say that I never thought I would have a need for a machine this size. Now, that I’ve had it though, it has not been put away and is always ready for me to start a new project. I have been creating much larger projects than I ever thought I would and am loving it!!! I cannot wait to share those with you.

New Features of the Cameo Pro

The biggest new feature is – it is a 24” cutting machine.
WOW! I know users were asking why only 20” when it was announced at the 2019 Silhouette Summit.
Well, it’s here and it is 24”!!!

New Roller bar – the roller bar on the Cameo 4 Pro has been redesigned and is no longer a roller bar, but a long rectangle bar with the rollers inside of it.

The rollers are located under the bar next to the load lines

And the right roller is under the tab on the right that adjusts along the bar

New guides – with a new roller bar design the guides have also been re-designed. These can be moved along the roller bar to help provide assistance in keeping the material from bubbling up in between the rollers. Position the guides evenly on the material between the rollers for best results. If you look closely under the bar, you will see that they are small wire coils.

New roll feeder – the new roll feeder comes in separate pieces that have to be set under the front of the Cameo Pro. Check out how to add them in the Unboxing video above.
Here is how it should look when set up to cut with a cutting mat. The middle has a larger support to help in supporting the cutting mat as it feeds in and out of the machine. I would highly recommend if you are using a 24” x 24” cutting mat that you have it fully supported in the front and not hanging down at all, for best results.
This may mean that you need to have it set up on a larger work surface.

Here is how the setup should look if you are using it to cut off of a roll. The right side of the roll feeder assembly slides in to accommodate smaller rolls.

The new roll feeder has white rollers on it to allow the rolls to smoothly roll back and forth as it’s fed into the machine. On the left and right side, the back white roller can be adjusted for larger or smaller rolls by unscrewing the knob and sliding the white roller in or out, depending on the size of the roll.

Here is the setup for a large roll

And here is the setup for a smaller roll of material. Unscrew the knob on the roll feeder and then slide the back white roller out. Then screw the knob back down to secure the roller.

While I keep my roll feeder setup all the time, all the parts can be nested together for storage except the stability bar. Just make sure to keep all the pieces in a safe place that you will remember for when you need them next.

New load lines – since it is a cutting width of 24” there are now 2 load lines for lining up the materials depending on whether you are using a 24″ cutting mat or no mat.

 Here is a photo showing vinyl loaded in the machine when cutting off a roll.

New Autoload feature – this was released with the v4.4.270 software and works for all Cameo 4, Cameo Plus, and Cameo Pro machines. Tap the load button on the machine and it will begin to blink. Then hold the material or mat up to the rollers and the machine will pull it into the machine.

This is the material/mat sensor that the machine uses to identify that a material has been placed up to the rollers. Make sure that this is free and clear of debris

Keep in mind, if the material is not pulled in evenly on both ends, you may have cutting issues. Unload the material and try again for best results until it loads evenly on both ends.

New software version – with each new machine release, a new software version has to be released in order for that machine to be recognized by the Silhouette software. At the time of release the software version is v4.4.280 and you will need to download that version or higher directly from the Silhouette website in order for the software to show the Pro options or recognize the Pro.

I cut all of the Oramask stencil vinyl for my Halloween décor and all the vinyl for my front door decorations with the Pro and it worked awesome!
Check out this post to see all the signs that I created with it.

In the past few weeks, I have cut yards and yards of vinyl. I have also had lots of user error when testing out this new machine as well. None of it was the machines fault. Just a learning curve to working with much larger decals than I could previously cut in one piece.

Just as a note, when testing a new machine, think twice before sending a set of designs that measure 90” in total all at one time. There was no need to send them all at once to cut, but I tried it. It worked for the most part. Live and learn!

I have been having a ball testing this new 24” cutting machine and what it can do.
Stay tuned for more tips & projects completed with the Cameo Pro.

Want to add this new tool to your studio, find it here at Silhouette America HERE.
Or grab it at Michaels HERE with FREE shipping too!
Pre-order from Swing Design HERE
they are estimating shipping beginning at the end of November to beginning of December

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10 thoughts on “Cameo 4 Pro New Features”

  1. Ive ordered my new Cameo Pro today and am so excited! I have the cameo 3 and see the Pro being used much more than my 3!!!!


  2. Can’t wait for this to reach UK in December. I bought the CE Lite 50 as we all thought the Pro was going to be 20″. But my wife says I can have this for Xmas lol. Really need to finish my man shed as I’ve got a 3,4,alta and the CE Lite 50 all of which have never been fully unwrapped or even out their boxes lol. I run a car club and this will definitely be out the box on day one


  3. So how short can a roll exactly be? I have the problem with my Cameo 4 that I can’t feed a 120mm roll. It’s too small and there is no grip on the right side.

    Is this different on the Pro?


    1. No, the smallest roll that any Silhouette can cut and grip with is 9″. The Cameo 4 models and previous models have grooves on the roller bar when it can be secured. The Cameo Pro has certain areas the right roller is locked securely in place too.
      Calculating that 120 mm is 4″, so that would fall under it.


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