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February Featured Class & Silhouette “Secrets”

Silhouette “Secrets” – February 2023

February Featured Class and Coupon Code

This month’s features class is

Glass Etching with Your Silhouette

This is a great technique to use for personalized gifts!

In this class, we use the Silhouette software to create stencils for glass etched projects.

I chose to use several different shaped objects in the class to show tips for them all. You do not have to etch the same objects, but it’s good to know tips for multiple shapes. Not all glass objects can be etched. Tempered glass and some types of cookware cannot be etched due to the composition of it. The only real way to know is to test it or learn from others.

We will use the Silhouette Studio software to size the stencils, cut stencils with the Silhouette machine from both Oracal 651 & Oramask 813, transfer the stencils to get a good seal, and then etch with etching cream.

Glass etching is a great way to create unique projects that can be used for home décor, gifts, and more!

Check out the full class description, supply list, and class content HERE.

And use coupon code GLASS2023 to save $5 off this class.
Good through 2/28/23.
There are now 2 purchase options.
A 60-day access and a lifetime access. This is also NEW for 2023!

New Silhouette Curio Class Released

I have updated and released a new Beginner Acrylic Etching Curio Class.
This new class is updated to include information on the Silhouette Studio v4.5+ changes, tips on working with acrylics.

In this step-by-step class we will discuss the supplies for etching acrylics with the Silhouette Curio and the entire process to get set up etching acrylics. I will share all of my tips & tricks for getting a good etch on acrylics. This class is designed to give you the tools and resources so you can test and etch on any acrylics that you might be able to source.

Check out the full class description and supply list HERE.

Silhouette “Secrets”
– Because some things are just too good not to share! –

Silhouette “Secret” #1

If you are a paper crafter, you may have heard of the Dreaming Tree website. They have some awesome files!
This past month I shared a way that can save you time when working with their files, especially if they have many pieces to the file.
That is the SVG Merge program.

Check out more details on that HERE

Silhouette “Secret” #2

Troubleshooting cut issues is one of the top searches on both my website and the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube channel.
This month I wanted to share the Troubleshooting Silhouette Cut Issues with EllyMae video. These steps can solve 98%+ of any cutting issues that we see posted.

Whether you are experiencing cutting issues currently or just want to tuck this away for future reference, it has already helped many users get back to cutting faster!

Make sure to Like and Subscribe if you want to be notified of future content released on YouTube!

Silhouette “Secret” #3

I just released a new blog post on Silhouette Library Issues & Troubleshooting Tips.
I have been seeing more posts on social media of the library not syncing or missing files, which means some of you may also be experiencing the same thing.

Check out this new post HERE
I am sharing quite a bit of information in it. Once I started to write it all out more and more just kept flowing and like my tagline says
– Because some things are just too good not to share! –
I have a hard time not sharing it all for you!

I hope this month’s “secrets” help you to be more successful with your Silhouette!

Silhouette Secrets+ Sponsor

CrafterCuts, a Silhouette Authorized reseller is a sponsor for my Silhouette Secrets+ Teachable site.

And I have a coupon code to save 10% on your order
Use code SECRETS at CrafterCuts
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I always recommend having extra blades and mats on hand for your projects this year!
You will also find this information under the NEW “Sponsor” tab at the top of the Silhouette Secrets+ Teachable site HERE.

Also check out the latest blog post on all of the Recommended Retailers and Font sites HERE.
Thank you for your support! Each time you use an affiliate link to make a purchase, it supports me and what I do. You do not pay any more for that product, but I may get credit for the referral.

I also have a “Buy Me a Coffee” option as well on Ko-Fi because I know not everyone buys new supplies each month, but many still asked for a way to support Silhouette Secrets+.
Thank you all for your continued support of my small business!

Watch for more from me on the Silhouette Secrets+ blog and YouTube channel this month!

Find all the current Silhouette classes on my Teachable site HERE.

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