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Stencils with the Silhouette

I knew you could do it… but I’d never done it…. then I opened my mouth & volunteered to make stencils for my son’s preschool class fundraiser…..
After my offer was confirmed, I started researching…. usually I would recommend doing it the other way around and volunteering for something that you already know for sure you can do….. But, that’s another story.
My first idea was to use my Cameo machine & cut stencils from chipboard…. we were applying them to flower pots and it was for preschool & younger children.
Then I started looking into it and thought there would be better materials to use….
Amazon Prime to my rescue… I ordered some Silhouette Stencil material and a box of laminating pouches.

After my supplies were delivered, I broke out my laminating machine I picked up many, many years ago…. Had to blow some dust off that box!
Once heated up, I ran the laminating sheets through the machine and it became a hard plastic “stencil” material. This was still flexible enough to apply to a round surface, like the pots we were using.
Then I got to work cutting lots & lots of designs from my Silhouette library and other things I traced or drew myself.



I had to make a demo pot to make sure the stencils would work…. There was some bleed through… but less paint is better!!

And I may have gone a bit crazy with the stencils I made… at least I thought I might have.
I was so worried the day of the event that these wouldn’t work & no one would want to use them…. but, I was wrong… everyone LOVED them!
It turned out wonderful and so many  pots were painted with unique designs….

It was great seeing people take the stencils and make their own designs and have a keepsake to take home with them.


There are so many possibilities to create using your Silhouette Cameo and this machine amazes me at what materials it can cut… I am forever testing it out!


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