Customized nerf targets

I just love being able to add a personalize touch to almost any item. We saw this DIY nerf gun target on Facebook over the holidays and knew it needed to be created in our house..... but, I was asked to take it one step further. I was told we needed "bad guy" faces for … Continue reading Customized nerf targets

After Christmas crafting

On Christmas morning I quickly realized that I needed Santa sacks, so no one could "peek" at what Santa brought before everyone else got out of bed. While shopping in the Target Christmas clearance the day after Christmas, I happened on these burlap sacks. I quickly sprang into action.... Grabbed 3 of them and headed … Continue reading After Christmas crafting

New Year – New Mat!!!

I was cutting a few designs out of vinyl and it just seemed to keep tearing..... I powered through and cut a second time & then carefully coaxed it while weeding the design.... You can find that previous blog post with image HERE. A few days later I sit down to cut a few more … Continue reading New Year – New Mat!!!

Silhouette instruction

Did you get a Cameo for Christmas or just because? Need help learning how to do something? I attended Terri Johnson Creates first graduating Instructor class and am now set up for online instruction via video conference calls. I use a program that is free to you called Zoom and it allows me to share … Continue reading Silhouette instruction

‘Twas the Night before Christmas

I've seen variations of this all over and I just had to try it. This was a bit difficult to weed the vinyl but I was determined. I wanted this image on my charger plate. I ended up cutting it twice and then coaxing it along while weeding & applying it, but I love the … Continue reading ‘Twas the Night before Christmas

Simple Santa Ornament

Here is another simple ornament made using basic shapes within the Silhouette Studio program. I created a long rectangle belt after measuring the circumference of my square ornament, which I then cut out of black 651 vinyl. Then I made 2 squares and used the Subtract all feature to make the belt, which I cut … Continue reading Simple Santa Ornament

Planning with your Silhouette Cameo

Did you know you can find all kinds of cute Planner things on Pinterest? Of course you did, if you are like me, you have a few things pinned to your Planner board.... ummmmm maybe hundreds.... ¬†every time I get a motivated bug & happen to be on Pinterest, a few more jump on my … Continue reading Planning with your Silhouette Cameo

Stencils with the Silhouette

I knew you could do it... but I'd never done it.... then I opened my mouth & volunteered to make stencils for my son's preschool class fundraiser..... After my offer was confirmed, I started researching.... usually I would recommend doing it the other way around and volunteering for something that you already know for sure … Continue reading Stencils with the Silhouette

TJC Licensed Instructor

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending Terri Johnson Creates first Licensed Instructor class. I was ecstatic when I saw her announce the opening of her first Licensing event and I had to sign up immediately. Why? Well, I'm a Silhouette fanatic and have been since I first started using the machine. … Continue reading TJC Licensed Instructor