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Bouquet of roses

The other night my husband shows me a photo on his phone and asks me, “Can you make this?” It was a pop up card with flowers in the middle…. so of course….. challenge accepted!!!

I start looking for cut files that I can make something similar and found several. This one I found in the Silhouette Design store and it was so easy to click buy and cut.

You can find the design HERE.

On this particular design there was also information in the product description that leads you to the designer’s blog for instructions on how to assemble and I referenced this several times to know the order that each was glued into the card. You can find the instructions for this card HERE as well.

This card in a box was easy to assemble since everything was included in the one cut file and all you had to do was un-group and arrange the cuts according to the color you wanted to cut. However, do keep in mind that if you want to mail this card, it does need to be resized smaller to fit in a regular size envelope.


I cut all my pieces and set them aside to assemble everything at once. I used several adhesive types: Liquid Glass when gluing the card box, roses & stems together, foam tape to attach the greenery inside the card and then a Xyron sticker maker for the word valentine.


Liquid glass is my go to adhesive for a quick secure hold on these card in a boxes or on rolled flowers…. I use a small amount and hold the paper in place for 10 seconds, sometimes maybe a bit longer, and then give it a few to dry and it holds so well.


Above is my card once all the roses are attached inside the box.


And above is my finished card. I did resize the card, so I would be able to put this in a 5 x 7 envelope and mail it.


After making this smaller version, I decided that I wanted to make some for the teacher’s. Because really, who doesn’t want to receive a dozen roses? And ones you don’t have to water or take care of in any way – bonus!


I hope you take some time to “Do something Creative today.”

Enjoy !

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