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Print and Cut – Part 3 – Images

Print and cut with the Silhouette software has so many options available. The past 2 weeks we have explored using a print and cut file (Part 1) and creating text (Part 2) to use in print and cut. This week we will explore creating a print and cut file from a jpeg or png image.

Print and Cut with Images

Open the jpeg or png file.

A jpeg may have a white background around the image and a png file can have a transparent background. These file types are both flattened graphic images, so they are no cut files.

For more information on file types, check out this post –
Understanding File Type Extensions in Silhouette Studio
by Lycia Evanoff with Caught by Design.

jpeg vs png copy

Here I have opened both files to show the difference, but the same steps would be used for either file type.

Open the Trace Panel.

Step 1 – Click on Select Trace Area and draw a rectangle around the entire design.

Trace Panel copy

Step 2 – Increase the Threshold up until the entire design has turned yellow.

Step 3 – Click on Trace and Detach. The image will be detached from the background and there will now be cut lines around the image and you have . As long as you make sure your design is as yellow as possible, it will trace around the edge.

jpeg pieces copy

Keep in mind that each design will vary in how it reacts.

Step 4 – Delete the extra portion of design background, as it’s no longer needed.

Set up the file as a Print and Cut

Step 1 – Move the file onto the Silhouette virtual mat. I used

Step 2 – Open the Page Setup Panel.

Step 3 – Choose:
Page Size – Current Printer
Orientation – Portrait
Check the Show Print Border box
Check the Show Cut Border box

Page Setup Panel copy

Step 4 – Click on the Page Setup Panel – Registration Marks tab.

Step 5 – Choose Type 1 Registration Marks for the Cameo, Portrait or Curio machine.

Registration Marks copy

Step 6 – Click on the Restore Defaults button.
This will reset the registration marks and I would suggest using this as the starting point to get an accurate cut.

Step 7 – Move the design on the mat so it is not in the cross-hatched areas of the page. The optical eye on the Silhouette machine needs the cross-hatched area to read the registration marks accurately.
While the registration marks can be moved, I suggest for a new user to keep them on the defaults before it is sent to print. If the marks are moved, then I would suggest doing some test print and cuts on copy paper to make sure the cut is still accurate.
Check out more troubleshooting tips HERE on Part 1 of Print and Cut.
For more information on the Registration marks panel, check out the “Let’s Explore v4 – Registration marks” post HERE.

Step 8 – Next, click on the printer icon in the top left corner.
print icon copy
File > Print from the Menu
File Print
For more information on the Print Preview – check out Print and Cut – Part 1.

Step 9 – Double check that the page looks correct and that all 3 of the registration marks have printed.

IMG_8374 copy

Step 10 – Place the printed page on the cutting mat exactly as it shows on the screen, in the top left corner.

IMG_8376 copy

Step 11 – Click on the Send tab in the top right corner.

Send tab copy

Step 12 – Click on the image to select it and choose Cut. The bold red cut lines should appear around the design.

Step 13 – Load the Silhouette mat in the machine and choose Send.

Perfect print and cut!

IMG_8377 copy

For more information on print and cut, check out these posts:
Print and Cut – Part 1 – pre-designed Print and cut files
Troubleshooting Tips
Print and Cut – Part 2 – Text

I would love to see what you create – feel free to post on my Facebook group at
Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae.


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12 thoughts on “Print and Cut – Part 3 – Images”

    1. There is no flatten in Silhouette. If you’d like to save it as a jpeg or png file, you can if you have Business Edition. A jpeg or png file is a flattened photo file.
      In Silhouette, there’s no flatten because you can simply print direct without having to flatten.


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