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Just Released – Beginner Video Class

I have helped so many users these past few weeks on Facebook who are frustrated and having issues getting the Cameo 4 setup for their first cuts.
So, I set to work this week on creating a Beginner video class.

This video class is created in the same way I would teach a private face-to -face lesson to a new student.

Even though this is labeled a “beginner” class, there is still a lot of information in it that I think any user could get out of it. But, it is a video course that I believe can also get a user started from opening the box to getting their first cuts.
I have also included a bonus 24 minutes video on my troubleshooting tips and things I look for when cuts aren’t going as planned.
Whether you are a brand new user or one with a little experience, I think it contains some tips for all users.

While this class features a Cameo 4 in the setup and presentation, the setup tips and instruction for the first cuts apply to all Silhouette machines.
If you are a Curio user, I would suggest also checking out the Curio Unboxing video on YouTube and the Let’s Explore – The Curio – Getting Started post on the blog.

What does this class contain?

Course outline:

Pre-course: Curio Unboxing video
I highly recommend watching this before starting the main course
This video is also available on my YouTube channel HERE.

Main Course
Cameo Setup & Blades – 20 minute video
Designing in Silhouette & First Cuts – 1 hour 12 minute video
Bonus – Blade cleaning & Troubleshooting – 24 minute video

Additional Resources mentioned in the video

If you are having issues with your cuts or are nervous about getting started, this video course is full of information to get your Cameo out of the box, setup properly, and cutting.

Check it out HERE

You can see all of the video courses available on my Teachable site HERE

Silhouette Secrets+ Teachable Classes

I hope this will help get you feeling a little more comfortable with your new Silhouette machine or one that’s been calling your name for awhile.

Save this for future reference by pinning the image below.

I would love to see what you create!
Feel free to post on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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4 thoughts on “Just Released – Beginner Video Class”

  1. Does this trouble shoot cutting wood? I’m about to throw this machine in the trash be cause it wont cut the wood lol It makes crazy cuts every where and never cuts the design:(


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