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Silhouette Classes – 2 new classes released!!!

This week I released 2 new classes on my Teachable site.
A Silhouette print & cut class and a Curio metal etching placement class!

Here are the details of each class:

Silhouette Print and Cut – Basics to Design Files to Troubleshooting

Join me in 2+ hours of video course that covers Silhouette Print & Cut from step-by-step setup, to working with many different file types for print and cut, and my troubleshooting tips. This course is divided out into 3 main videos covering each of these topics in depth.
By following these steps & tips, print and cut can expand your Silhouette skills.
Let’s take the anxiety out of print and cut and get started.

Course includes:
Class Overview
Class Supply List

Print and Cut – Part 1 – Step-by-step Setup Video – 1 hour 3 minutes
– Step-by-Step setup for print and cut
– Establishing a baseline print and cut
– Print and cut a single design
– Print and cut with a sticker set

Print and Cut – Part 2 – Designs and more Video – 1 hour 6 minutes
– working with excess backgrounds on designs
– print and cut with text
– print and cut with Color Fonts
– turning a cut file into a print and cut – 3 examples
– altering a cut file to create a print and cut – 2 examples
– tips on registration marks
– print and cut in large format

Print and Cut – Part 3 – Troubleshooting Tips Video – 18 minutes
In this section we will discuss 11 tips for troubleshooting print and cut when things don’t work and tips for getting the best success.

Check out this online video course on my Teachable site HERE.

Curio Advanced Beginner – Metal Etching placement video course

Course includes:
Class Overview
Class Supplies list

Basics of the Curio video – 38 minutes

Advanced Beginner Curio – Metal etching with blanks & placement on the Curio video – 24 minutes
– Setting up the Curio base to etch with the blank
– Measuring the blank
– Securing the blank
– Setting up the Silhouette design mat for the etch design
– Design placement for etching on blanks
– Tips for working with text & alignment
– Emboss fill for etching
– Etching on the Curio
– Examples of etching on blanks

Check out this new Curio class HERE

If you are looking to expand on your Silhouette skills and want to dive in and learn from all of my testing and tricks, check out the rest of the Silhouette courses available:

Silhouette Beginner Setup & First Cuts
Silhouette Print and Cut – Basics to Design Files to Troubleshooting
Curio Setup & First Cuts with Cardstock & Vinyl
Beginner Curio Metal Etching
Curio Advanced Beginner Metal Etching Placement
Basic Acrylic Etching with the Curio
Embossing Leather with the Curio
Creating a vinyl decal & layering using the Silhouette Studio software
Cutting & Layering HTV in Silhouette Studio
Glass Etching with Silhouette
Heat Transfer Paper Print & Cut Lesson with Silhouette
Creating a Knockout Design with HTV & Bonus HTV & Subtract
Creating a Rhinestone Design in Silhouette Studio

All of these are designed as step-by-step classes that are taught just like an in-person lesson.

The more you get into Silhouette and start playing with it the more you will pick up. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and testing can take a long time to get it just right. Let’s take that anxiety out of your Silhouette projects and get started!

For more information and to see each class details – CLICK HERE.

I would love to see and hear about what you are creating on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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