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5 year Anniversary

Little did I know that when I started writing this post that I would get a notice from my website congratulating me on 5 years! I was only writing to share the Questionnaire found below with you.
But 5 years ago on October 5th, I switched my blog over to Silhouette Instruction and it has been a fantastic 5 years!
When I signed up for the Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Instructor program I really had no intention of teaching.

So first, I want to stop and thank all of YOU!

When I took the Instructor course, I was just an average Silhouette crafter. I knew enough to get my projects done and happily create.
Over the last 5 years, I have expanded that knowledge through your questions, your feedback, troubleshooting user issues, being a part of the Beta testing team, teaching classes at events & conferences, continued education, and continually stepping outside of my comfort zone and testing the “What happens when I do this?”.
Thank you for your input, questions, posting user issues, encouragement, support, and sharing your Silhouette projects!
It has all been a valuable part of this journey!

Each and every one of you has played some part in this, whether you realized it or not. This Silhouette journey has been so much more than a “job” or “business”. The “business” side of things can be the not so fun part.

Through this journey I have met some of the most amazing people!
Many whom I called friends and some even family now!
I have developed relationships with colleagues, mentors, industry leaders, retailers, programmers, support staff …. the list could go on.
I have traveled to teach at events, conferences, and gatherings where I have met people from all over the world!
The bare bones of it is that Silhouette is that common thing that has brought us together!
It’s about the people and the relationships!
This week I may help you solve a problem on your Silhouette and next week I may be wishing you congratulations on a new job, family addition, or your business!

I never even imagined where this “dream” would have taken me!
Not going to lie, it’s not always an easy road and it is work, but seeing that light in a user’s eyes when they “get it” or reading their excited comment – makes it worth it!

Thank you for being part of that journey!
Thank you for your support & encouragement!

Follower Feedback

I have a list a mile long that continues to grow of future Silhouette blog posts, classes, tutorials, Facebook shares, etc. However, there are times that things get bumped up on that list when I see a reader or Facebook group member having an issue or asking about a technique.

At least once a year, I try to do a feedback inquiry about what YOU, my followers & readers want to learn so I can prioritize and plan for the upcoming information releases.

This year I have created a short questionnaire to gather that information.
You can access this questionnaire HERE or click on the photo below.

I do not collect the user information, just your feedback.
I will be collecting feedback through the month of October 2021.

I want to say a great big thank you for your feedback! YOUR feedback makes a difference and I want to release information that helps YOU with your Silhouette journey!

More Information

If you are on social media, then you most likely know or felt the impact of Facebook and other platforms being shut down this past week for many hours.
I know many users rely on those platforms as their sole source of information or help, but what happens when it’s not available?

Where can you find information?

Silhouette Secrets blog
Right here on this website.
On the right side on a computer is a search bar, type in the keyword you are needing help with and it should bring up any post I’ve done regarding that in the past 5 years.

If you are on a mobile device, then the search is located at the bottom of the website. You will need to scroll to the end to bring it up.

If you want to be notified by email when the next post gets published, make sure to Subscribe on the right side (bottom if on mobile).

My goal is to publish 1 new blog post a week.
This has been my goal for the past 3-4 years and I find it works well. Most blog posts take quite a bit of time to test, photograph, write, edit, record, and sometimes even start from scratch when a photo doesn’t turn out or user error happens.
I cannot mass produce blog posts and try not to flood your inbox with emails.
Once in awhile you may see 1-2 additional posts a week as this has been requested by followers so they are aware of Silhouette Design Store sales or upcoming events, but I try to make those short and sweet.

PDF Diagram of Silhouette Studio

What do all those icons and buttons do?

In January 2018, I started a series called “Let’s Explore v4” and it has grown far more than I thought when I first designed it. What started as a year series has continues as there is just so much to cover in the Silhouette software.
Through that “Let’s Explore v4” series, I was able to put together a PDF diagram of the Silhouette Studio Design tab in the software that outlines what each icon is and links back to the relevant tutorials on each.

Grab the free PDF document HERE or click the photo below

I’ve received feedback from users in 2 ways they use the above PDF diagram.
1 – Download the PDF to your computer.
Open the PDF document and then click on the blue names and it will open to the tutorials on the blog that refer to that tool/icon.
2 – Print this document and refer to it as a visual reference of what those icons are.

Find me on YouTube

Now that my kids are back in school (cross your fingers) and we are not in virtual school all day, I may be able to put out a few more video tutorials to support the written tutorials.

Check it out HERE

To subscribe open a video and click on the Subscribe button. And you “should” get a notification when a new video is posted. A follower let me know that it doesn’t always work like it should and also requested I make a blog post when I release a new one, so they don’t miss it and you’ll see those quick posts if it is outside my regular schedule.

Find me on Instagram

Now, of course if Facebook happens to be down, most likely Instagram will be too since they are from the same source.
But just in case find Follow me on Instagram HERE

Follow me on Pinterest

I know Pinterest may have decreased in popularity but I use it all the time for new ideas and of course recipes. I use it for more than just Silhouette related, although that is a big part of what I am always on the hunt for.

Follow me on Pinterest HERE

There are many social media platforms and new ones popping up all the time.

I cannot be on all of them and still have the time to create tutorials, answer questions, and create classes. The ones listed above are the main ones I am on.
I hope you follow me on the one that works the best for you!

One last share for today

In a past post, I listing 5 Silhouette Resources and I want to share that again with you.
Click HERE to go to that post.

I hope you have a fabulous day!
And THANK YOU for being on this Silhouette journey with me!

I would love what you are creating with your Silhouette software and machines!
Feel free to post on the
Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook Group


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Every little bit helps with the cost of running the site.

If you are looking for more in-depth, step-by-step classes, check out all of my online Silhouette classes on my Teachable site HERE.

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