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Silhouette Spotlight – Adria.Crafts

Today I want to share with you a Silhouette Secrets+ follower that I find inspiring.

Note: this post is photo heavy as I share these amazing projects

I first spotted her projects on my Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae Facebook group and I was just in awe. I then had to follow her on Instagram to see all her amazing creations.

This fellow Silhouette user and follower is Adria.Crafts.
Let me share a few of her creations and then I asked her a few questions about her projects.

I think this was the very first project I spotted of hers that she shared.
This is a Happy Spring file by Jillibean Soup – Design #346324

And then she shared this one.

Solar System file by Abracadabra Art Store

And I was hooked.
Seeing her projects inspired me!

Q: How long have you had your Silhouette machine?

Adria.Crafts: I have owned a Silhouette for about 8 years. I started with the original Cameo and currently use a Cameo 3. When I first bought it, I did a lot of paper crafting. Party decorations, banners, flowers, and Christmas cards are my favorite!
Once I realized I could use the Cameo to cut vinyl stencils, I knew I wanted to make wood signs for my front porch. I took off with that and made signs for all holidays and anything else I though was fun.
As I got farther into sign making, I really wanted to figure out how to make shaped signs. My husband’s grandpa gifted us an old bandsaw which allowed me to start cutting the wood backers into shapes.
This Halloween cauldron is one of these.

Pot of Gold by Lori Whitlock – Design #251236

This is actually a Pot of Gold design that she created a double sided wood sign with for multi-use decoration.

Q: Can you explain how you use your Silhouette machine to create these wood projects?

Adria.Crafts: I use my Cameo to cut/sketch giant shapes of card stock.

From the Silhouette software to the Silhouette machine.

Then I trace or glue them to the wood to use as a stencil.

When I do big shapes I use the Tiling feature in the Silhouette Studio. If it’s a smaller item (the gingerbread house) I will use the sketch feature and cardstock to create the pattern/stencil.

The stencil is used as a guide to cut the pieces out with a scroll saw.

Q: What is your favorite part about these projects?

Adria.Crafts: My favorite part of doing these projects is seeing how everything comes out in the end. I love finding designs in the Silhouette Design Store and other websites and turning them into real life 3-D art pieces. It is so rewarding turning a picture on the computer into something in real life.

Here are a few other creations by Adria.Crafts

Gnome Trio design by Wispy Willow Designs –
Design #341060
Hello Fall Gnome by Jillibean Soup – Design #382844

Check out Adria.Crafts for more amazing creations. There are even Valentine’s and Easter Gnomes too!

And she recently put up a video of the cutting process on her Instagram too. I watched several times in awe. Check it out HERE.

Every single week, I am blown away by creations that Silhouette users are doing. I love seeing the projects they are making. While I’ve been a Silhouette user for over 9 years, there are just some projects that are outside my area of expertise. I love being able to share with you one of those Silhouette Spotlight followers that stood out to me.

There are so many things you can do with the Silhouette machines!
Whether you are creating cards, party decorations, or using them in conjunction with other tools like a scroll saw – keep on creating!

I hope this has inspired you to be creative!

Thank you to Adria.Crafts for sharing your amazing creations with us!

I’d love seeing what you are creating with your Silhouette machines or software.
Feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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