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Siser EasyColor DTV UPDATE!!!

Siser EasyColor DTV was released in August 2022 and I have been loving it!

Today I have an update for you on some of the Siser EasyColor DTV projects that I have done and it is now available in larger sizes! Yay!

I wear several of the shirts I made when I first received Siser EasyColor DTV almost weekly.
This means they have been washed over 20+ times and they are still looking great!

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First, I mentioned above that larger sizes for the Siser EasyColor DTV are now available.
You can grab those HERE at The Vinyl Spectrum.

Supplies used:
Siser EasyColor DTV
Siser TTD Mask (when needed)
Canon TS9521C inkjet printer
T-shirt or blank to apply it to

These are all shirts that I created when I first received my Siser EasyColor DTV in August 2022 and have been washing almost weekly for most of them.
That is 20+ washes for most of them and they still look fantastic.
I can see where the shirts themselves have shrunk or worn, but the DTV is still in great shape!

This is the very first shirt that I made using the Siser EasyColor DTV.
Periodic Table Sarcasm design by Suzanne Cannon – Design #298890

Creators Gonna Create design by Jamie Lynn Designs – Design #295352

Seaturtle Watercolor Printable by La La Shiba – Design #327519

Creativity Takes Courage design by Jillibean Soup – Design #416662

The biggest thing about the Siser EasyColor DTV is we’ve learned new things since it’s first release date.
Check out the instructions from Siser HERE and follow them EXACTLY for the best results.

Here are the biggest things to do for best results
1. Print on plain paper settings.
2. If using TTD Easy Mask, wait 24 hours before masking.
3. After pressing Siser EasyColor DTV, wait 24 hours and wash in cold.
Washing prior to wearing washes out any excess ink that is not soaked into the DTV.
If worn without washing, any contact with water can create water spots in that excess ink and even stain the shirt. It is recommended to wash prior to wearing and I’ve had great results with that!

All printers vary in the amount of ink that is laid down when it’s printing. Test your printer with the specific instructions linked and listed above for the best results.

This new Siser EasyColor DTV has been very, very popular and now with the larger sizes, I know we will see more coming too!

In my experience it has held up well and I am loving it!

Grab yours today HERE and have a play with it!

If you follow me on my Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube Channel or the Swift Creek Customs YouTube channel, you’ll see me wear these often in my videos.

I’ve also put together a quick video update showing up close looks at each of these Siser EasyColor DTV projects on the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube Channel.
Check it out HERE or below.

Check out more tips for the Siser EasyColor DTV HERE

I’d love to see what you create!
Feel free to post on the Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae Facebook Group HERE
or on the Creating with Siser Juliet & Romeo Cutting Machine Users Facebook group.

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Enjoy !

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