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Let’s Explore v4 – Warp Panel

Warp Panel in Silhouette Studio v4

I love that with the Silhouette software you can pretty much manipulate anything. I am one who likes to have control over my designs and files. And that is why I love the Silhouette software – I can do that!

The Basic Warp is a Designer Edition upgrade feature that gives you the ability to move Edit points in the design to manipulate or warp the image.

The Warp Panel can be found on the bottom right side of the Silhouette Studio v4 screen. The size of your computer screen will determine whether you have to click on an arrow to have the menu expand.

On a larger screen, you will find it here:

Warp Panel copy

On a smaller screen, you will see a little arrow pointing left at the bottom of the icons. Click on this arrow and a menu with more icons will pop out.

Warp Panel smaller screen copy.jpg

So let’s take a look at what each part of the Warp Panel means.

Warp detail copy

  1. Warp Selected Shapes – Select the object to warp and then click warp selected shapes and the design will change to points you can edit.Warp Selected Shapes

    I am using Spooky Font by Lori Whitlock found in the Silhouette Design Store.

  2. Restore Original Shapes – Selecting this will revert any changes made back to the original shape. This is very helpful if you want to play around with the design and change your mind.
  3. Release Warp – This option releases the design back to a vector format and the points are no longer editable and how to finish the design once the warp is complete.Release WarpKeep in mind that once the text is changed by welding, converting to path, releasing the warp, etc. it is no longer editable text and is now a vector image. For more information on this and the Text Style Panel see the Let’s Explore v4 Text Style Panel post.
  4. Divisions – Change how the warp is divided up. The default is 3 divisions and each option chosen will change the look of the warped object. Here is the default of 3:Happy Halloween warp

    And here is when there is 2 divisions chosen with the sides pulled down the same.

    Divisions 2

    The more divisions, the more points you have to edit and pull the direction of the design.

  5. Columns – Change the number of columns in the design that can be edited. The default is 1 and the photo below shows it increased to 4.Columns
  6. Rows – Change the number of rows in the design that can be edited. The default is 1 and the photo below shows 5.Rows

As you can see, there are many things in this small panel that can be changed and many ways you can created fabulous, unique designs.

When you are finished with the design, make sure to click the “Release Warp” option to finish the design.

The Warp feature does add a new complexity to the design, so you will notice that it can take more time for your computer to “think” and process the data that you are changing. This will vary by individual users computers and I would recommend saving the design file often, just in case.

Skeleton door sign
*Positionable Skeleton by Samantha Walker – Design #4828

Now I have a little bit of Halloween decor for my door. It may be there until January but it’s a step. I did use the great feature of cutting without a mat to complete this project – find out more about Cutting without a mat HERE.

Final warp
What have you used the Warp Tool for?
I would love to see what you create – feel free to post on my Facebook group at
Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae.


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