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Let’s Explore v4 – Color Fonts

Have you seen these new fun designs called Color Fonts?

I say “new” but they have been around for quite awhile. These have become very popular in the past year or so and the Silhouette Design Store has quite a selection of them.

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What are Color Fonts?

These are actual font files that contain full graphic images for each letter in the font file. These are graphic images that would be used for print and cut projects. They are not cut files with individual pieces to fit together. It is one image per letter.
Some of these font files may also need to be installed directly onto your computer fonts folder in order to be fully assessible.
Check out Installing Fonts HERE.

The first important thing about Color Fonts is that you have to use a Silhouette Studio version of v4.2.279 or higher in order to access those. A user could still purchase these font styles in the Silhouette Design Store, however, they will not be able to access the file in Silhouette unless they have v4.2.279 or higher.

Next, let’s take a look at an example –
October Monogram Banner Color Font by ScrapNfonts – Design #332495

I am using the Text Tool on the left side, typing out a capital H, and then choosing the Font Style in the Text Style Panel on the right side.

You could also access the font characters under the Glyphs Panel for a specific font style as well. Click on the Text Style Panel – Tab 2 for the Glyphs and then double click on the glyph or character that you want to choose.
The Glyphs Panel is available to those who have the Designer Edition software upgrade or higher.

Notice that the glyphs do not show in full color in the panel, but when you double click on the glyph it will be added to the top left corner of the design mat and show in full color.
You can also increase the size of the icons using the slider bar at the bottom of the
Glyphs Panel.

After the glyph is on the page, click off to deselect it and click back on it one time and you can use the corner bounding box to resize it.

Color fonts are designed as a graphic design to be printed. These are not files that contain individual pieces to cut out and layer on a project.

Click on the Send tab to see the bold red cut lines around the design. You may notice that there are fuzzy, bold red cut lines around the design and that is because it is text. In the v4.3+ software versions, text automatically defaults to Cut Edge and why it appears fuzzy. You can click on the design to select it and then choose Cut and it will smooth out, however, it is only a visual on the screen and does not affect the cut
(unless you are working with text that needs to be welded).

Now for these Color Fonts for most projects, you will want to set it up as a print and cut project in order for the Silhouette machine to read where the design is on the printed page.
For tips on how to set up a Print and Cut project check out this Print and Cut Basics post

There is one big thing to note about Color Fonts.

Color Fonts found in the Silhouette Design Store cannot be changed in any way such as welding, converting to path, or releasing the compound path. They have to be used in the exact format that they type out as or they will lose their color formatting.

Check out this quick video demonstration of changing the file.

Color Fonts can be a great addition to your Silhouette supplies!

Heat Transfer Paper applied to a canvas.

Have you tried Color Fonts?
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