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Let’s Explore v4 – Project Wizard

Did you know that there are a few project templates in the Silhouette Studio software?

This can be a quick way to get started. Let’s take a look at how to find this and use the Project Wizard tools.

Project Wizard in Silhouette Studio

In the top left corner, click File > Project Wizard or the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl+Shift+N
(MAC – Command+Shift+N)

Then choose which project you would like to get started on.
You have the options for:
Blank document
Gift Tag
Print and Cut

When you choose a certain project, the design page will open and if a specific panel is used, it will also open at the same time.

Some projects may be specific to certain machine models and may not be unlocked unless you have that machine recognized by the software. For instance, the Emboss project is specific for a Curio. The Stipple project is specific to the Cameo 3, Curio, Cameo 4, or Portrait 3 models.

Today, let’s just choose a simple one as an example. I’m going to choose the Gift Tag option.

As soon as I click on Gift Tag, it opens up a gift tag shape on the mat.

Pretty simple, right?

Now, I have a design shape and can start adding to it for my project.
If I want to add more designs to it, I can use the Merge feature to bring in additional designs.
Check out this post here – Let’s Explore v4 – Merge Files
to see how you can use this feature.

Use the Replicate panel to fill the page and create your design.

While it doesn’t seem like anything fancy, it can be a fun tool to play around with.

I used it in the Foil Quill Beginner’s Tutorial to create a quick tag.
Check out that post HERE.

Let’s take a look at one more and I’ll share a tip.
Using the Project Wizard, I chose the card option.

This will open up a template for a 5″ x 7″ card base.
This is great for creating a quick card, however, I don’t like this particular perforated line for the score line as it’s too close together.

Right click on the design and choose Ungroup.
Click off the design and then back on the score line only.
Open the Line Style Panel and change the Style to a wider perforated line.

I also prefer to move the score line away from the edge of the card so it doesn’t cut through.

I use the corner bounding box and decrease the size just a bit. Then use the Align tools to make sure it’s centered in the card base.

Once the score line is how you like it, right click and choose Group or use the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl+G (MAC – Command+G)

Now the card base is set up for a 5″ x 7″ card.
Add designs to the card to create your project.

Thank You Floral Frame by Lilium Pixel SVG – Design #326331

Take some time to explore the Silhouette software and see what things you might find!

I’d love to see your creations!
Feel free post on the
Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook Group.

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