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Creating 4 Eclipse Cards in Silhouette Studio

Eclipse cards – have you seen them?
This is a technique that has been around the card making community for quite some time and seems to be making a comeback lately.

In April, I released a video tutorial on the Swift Creek Customs YouTube channel sharing how you can create these cards in the Siser Leonardo Design Studio software and now am sharing the new video tutorial showing step-by-step in the Silhouette Studio software. Not just 1 card though, I have 4 (well, actually I made more than that) eclipse cards to share with you.
You’ll see in the video why I ended up with more.

I have to say that these cards are definitely better in person than a photo can capture, so I recommend you give it a try and see what you think.

Let’s take a closer look at some photos and I’ll share the supply list below too!

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Supplies for Eclipse Cards

Designs used:
Spring Watercolor Roses Arrangement by Clikchic Designs – Design #439787
Watercolor Spring Flowers Arrangement by Clikchic Design – Design #408256
Spring Watercolor Greeting Card by Graphic House Design – Design #398289
Painted Tropical Drinks by Sarah Bailey – Design #325607

3-D Foam Tape
Recollections Cardstock
Scrapbook Adhesive Tape Runner
Paper Trimmer
Score board
– Optional: Combination trimmer and score board or Mini Score Board

This is the first style of eclipse cards I share how to create in the tutorial. I share some tips for working with print and cut graphic files in Silhouette too!

Photographing the cards from an angle gives you an idea of the dimension of the card. Some cards can be difficult to see the effect when looking straight at the card.

In this card, I used circles to give it a new dimensional look. You could use any shape you want. I’ve seen many variations out there and it gives it a unique look.
My husband saw this one and said, “That would look good with a bubble pattern.” So guess what I bought? Watch for some new cards coming soon!

And you can also use text. In the tutorial, I show how you can use text in 2 ways to give each card a different look. Again, photos do not do these justice, especially looking straight on.

But coming at it from the side, you can see the dimension in the card. I share some tips and tricks to working with the text to create these 2 opposite effects of the cards with text.

I think this one might photograph the best from this angle, so you can really see the dimension.

Check out the new step-by-step video tutorial on the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube channel HERE

Check out the video tutorial HERE.

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Enjoy !

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