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Vinyl on glass cutting boards

I have seen so many of these glass cutting boards pop up on my newsfeed. Such a nice little touch to make a personalized gift.

I found a design I liked in the Silhouette store & grabbed it before I could convince myself I could design it myself. One thing I’ve realize is, yes – I can design pretty much anything myself. I’ve worked with the software program & I know I can do it, but I can also just buy the design & get to cutting. If I was making these to sell I would either buy the CU (Commercial Use) license or design something myself, but just for my personal use or a gift, the option of purchasing through the Silhouette store saves me time.


I reversed the design & cut it from black 651 viny. Then I attached to the backside of this glass cutting board. It turned out great & was the perfect addition to a gift bag I was giving to a friend.


 I can see creating many more of these in the future. Next, I’m going to try etching using the vinyl as a stencil. I’m addicted to the glass etching.

You can find this design HERE.

I love that I can personalize an item to make it that much more special!


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