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Let’s Explore v4 – Conical Warp Panel

Conical Warp – What is it?

Conical warp shapes your design given the dimensions that you enter to fit the conical object you are trying to place a design on.

A conical shape is one that is smaller at one end than the other, like a cup.


Have you ever tried to place a vinyl decal on a cup only to find that it doesn’t lay flat or line up? This is where the Conical Warp Panel will come in handy.

Conical Warp is a Designer Edition Plus feature or higher upgrade feature and can be found on the bottom right of the Silhouette Studio v4 software.

Conical Warp copy

So let’s take a look at what this panel means.

Conical warp detail copy.jpg

  1. Conical Warp Selected Shapes – Select the design to warp and then click on this to start warping the design.Conical Warp Selected Shapes
    *Be Your Own Crazy Self Phrase by Kolette Hall – Design #169936
    *Romantic Flourish Set by Sarah Bailey Design #75427

    When the design is being warped you will see the red box with curved lines on the top and bottom appear around the design.

  2. Diagram – Shows a diagram of the object you are entering the measurements for. As you add measurements the shape will change.
  3. Top Measurement – Measure and enter the top measurement of the object.IMG_6159
  4. Bottom Measurement – Measure and enter the bottom measurement of the object.IMG_6160
  5. Top to Bottom Measurement – Measure and enter the measurements from the top to the bottom.
  6. Size of Design – Increase or decrease the size of the design. Depending on the design you have, it not be a big difference you see on the screen. it will depend on the curvature of the object to be warped. As you enter the measurements, you should see it change on the screen.Size of Design
  7. Placement of design – Adjust the placement of the design from the top or bottom of the curvatures of the cup. As you can see, in this design it curves the arrows and that is noticeable.Placement of design
  8. Cancel or Apply – Choose to cancel or to keep the warp.Cancel will undo everything chosen.Apply will release the warp and the design will be ungrouped. Make sure to group it back together so it will move as one item.When you click on Apply, you may get a Processing pop up. This is a lot of data that it is changing, just be patient and it will depend on the computer processing power on how long it takes to finish.

    Apply design

Now, it is ready to cut with the warp that will help it apply straight onto the cup.


I used Black Oracal 651 for this decal and it cut beautifully. And then I used Oracal Transfer tape to apply it to the cup.

Finished cup

This feature makes it so much easier to apply a decal straight onto a conical object.

Now, I will let this decal sit for 72 hours for the adhesive to cure on the cup for best results.

I used Be Your Own Crazy Self by Kolette Hall Design #169936 and Romantic Flourish Set by Sarah Bailey Design #75427 from the Silhouette Design Store to create this.

I hope this helps you understand the Conical Warp Panel in the Silhouette Studio v4 software! It is such a fun feature to play with and I encourage you to just try it!


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17 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Conical Warp Panel”

  1. I am doing this and it does prompt the processing bar but it stays on that little bar for 10 min or so is that right?


  2. When I try to use this feature, when I cut, the cut line on the sides of the piece seems to be cut in little circles? It just cutting small little cuts as it’s working on the beginning edge of my wrap design. Instead of one straight cut around the conical shape. Is that how it’s supposed to be?


  3. Hi I am making several cups different names. Is there a way to same as a template so I don’t have to redo deminsions for each name?


  4. Hey there,
    Thank your for this clear explanation.
    I just got myself the Business Edition and couldn’t wait to start my very first tumbler 🙂
    Unfortunately Step 7 – adjusting the placement of my design won’t work… Everything else worked fine so far.
    Whenever I insert any number for this adjustment though it automatically jumps back to zero 😦
    Do you have any idea what might be going on there?
    Thanks a lot for helping


    1. What version of the software are you currently using? Under Help > About Silhouette – what are all the numbers?
      I just tested in v4.4.463 and it seems to be working for me. I used both the slider bar and then entered a number and hit Enter and it changed.


  5. I have silhouette designer plus. The conical feature is not accurate. I can enter the same exact values on two different project and get totally different dimensions. Not to mention I measure my tumblers with confirmed calibrated micrometers for exact the sizes and the conical tool will still be off. Terrible functionality.


    1. Are you trying to do a full cup wrap? It is not designs with that in mind, but to warp an image to add to a conical shaped object such as a decal for the side. In order to do a full wrap, it does take some testing and different measurements.


  6. How do I warp a layered project? I used the off set panel but when I cut each piece independently, they do not lay accurately. I’ve wasted so much time and product.


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