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Let’s Explore v4 – Emboss Panel

The Emboss Panel is such neat feature. Currently, it is only available to those who have plugged in a Curio machine.

It can be found on the right side of the Silhouette Studio v4 software and looks like a star with a shadow.

Emboss panel copy

Since this is a currently a Curio feature only, if you have not plugged a Curio into your computer, the Panel will be grayed out. If you hover over the icon, you get this message.

Emboss warning

So keep that in mind if you are looking at it along with me.

Emboss detail copy
  1. Deboss – the design will be created as seen on the screen & will press the design down into the material exactly as seen on screen.
    For example, if using cardstock, it will create a valley where the design is.
    Emboss – the design is flipped horizontally so it is mirrored BUT it does not show this on the screen. You will place your material face down on the embossing mat and the design will be pressed mirrored. When it’s finished, you will flip it over and the design should be raised on the side that was face down on the mat.
  2. F – This tells you which way to put the material on the mat. For deboss, put the material face up.
    F Deboss
    For emboss, put the material face down.
    F Emboss
  3. Embossing Patterns – Choose between 5 options: none, lined, concentric, cross hatched, or spiral.
    Line Pattern
    Concentric Pattern
    Cross hatched
    Cross hatched pattern.JPG
    Each design will vary in which pattern may look better for the emboss. Again it is a matter of personal preference. I prefer the look of the cross hatched pattern, especially when etching on acrylic. But, that is just my preference, you should play with the patterns and decide what you like.
  4. Spacing – Increase or decrease the grid spacing between the lines of the pattern. This is 0.005 spacing – a really tight DebossSpacing smallIf we zoom in on the design, you will see the pattern.
    Spacing small zoom

    Here the deboss is 0.025.

    Spacing larger

    This is another area where you are changing a lot of data at one time, so be patient with your computer if it is thinking.

    If the pattern spacing is smaller than what the Silhouette can process, then you will end up with a blue square or a square with an X in it.

    Error spacing
    Use the up arrow and increase the spacing just a bit or delete and type in a number just a bit higher than the current spacing, until the box disappears. Remember, be patient and go slow, it is processing a lot of data.

    Above 0.015 was too small but increasing to 0.025 there was no longer the error.

    Error spacing2
  5. Angle – Change the angle of the deboss or emboss pattern.
  6. Release Emboss – Releases the lines of the emboss pattern. When you are satisfied with the pattern, click on the Release Emboss button.Once the emboss/deboss is released, you could add another pattern on top if you chose to.

Here is the flower design (Floral Elements Design #191146) embossed on a piece of Silhouette Score & Emboss paper. This was embossed using the Silhouette fine tip embossing tool and 3 different embossing patterns.

Flower emboss

Now, while I have not been that impressed with the emboss ability on cardstock, it is just not deep enough for my liking,  I do love using the emboss features on materials such as metal and acrylic.

Silhouette Metal Etching Sheet
Metal etching 2
Home Sweet Home Montana by Jennifer Wambach Design #148502

Metal etching 1
Welcome Elk by Sophie Gallo Design #89012


acrylic etching
Acrylic coaster blanks from Craft Chameleon
Eat, Sleep, Coffee Repeat by Sophie Gallo Design #230872
Less Monday More Coffee by Tany Batrak Design #209927
Yes, Coffee by Kolette Hall Design #171334
But First Coffee by Lilium Pixel SVG Design #242962

I hope you have learned a little bit about the Emboss Panel today. The Curio machine very quickly because a favorite of mine and now I can’t put it away.

Here are a few more a things to help you get started on the Curio.
The Curio – Getting Started with the Curio
Silhouette Curio Beginner Metal Etching
Basic Acrylic Etching Video Class

I’d love to see what you are creating with your Silhouette machine.
Feel free to post over on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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