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Let’s Explore v4 – Designing with shapes Part 2

Last week, in Part 1 of Designing with shapes, we used the tools in the Silhouette software to draw an egg shape. Now, we will use those same tools to draw decorations for that egg.
Check out the previous post HERE to see 2 different ways to draw an egg shape.

Draw Oval copy

I had 3 eggs from the Easter Eggs by Echo Park – Design #187432, but I wanted another option. So I drew the zig-zag design inside the egg and created it to match the other eggs.

Easter Egg Design Store file copy

Just like in the last post, we will go through 2 ways to create this – with the Flexi-shapes  or by using the basic drawing tools.

First, let’s start by opening the egg file that we’ve created from Part 1.

In the original eggs, the design is offset internally from the outer edge of the egg.

Select the Egg design, click the Offset Panel, choose Internal Offset, and change the Distance to 0.80 inches.

Offset copy

The exact distance is a matter of personal preference, it will vary by the project you are creating.

We will be using the inner offset shape to create the design. Move the original egg shape off the design mat.

*Note: The line thickness of the designs has been increased to make it easier to see for the blog post.

Part 2 – Decorating the Egg 

Drawing with Flexi-shapes

Flexi-shapes are a newly released feature with the v4.2 software and are available if you have the Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition upgrade.
*check out the end of this post for a coupon code for the upgrades too!

The Flexi-shape option is in the toolbar on the left side of the v4.2 software.

Flexi shapes copy.jpg

Select the zig-zag option. Click on the design mat to start the shape and then move the mouse to where you want it to end and click again.

Adjust the Flexi-shape by using the slider bar in the middle to increase or decrease the number of  points in the zig-zag. Use the red dots to adjust the width of the the zig-zag.

Once you are happy with the design, right click and choose Convert to Path. This will change the design from an editable shape to a fixed shape.

Now, to fill the egg, either continue drawing more zig-zag patterns or copy and paste the zig-zag to fill the rest of the egg.

Zig Zag copied copy

My favorite way to copy and paste is to hold down the Alt button on the keyboard and click and drag a copy away.

To space the zig-zag pattern evenly, select all the zig-zags & use the Align option – vertical spacing that is found either in the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) or under the Transform Panel – Tab 1.

Align option copy

Once the zig-zags are spaced how you like, right click and choose Group.

Now, make a copy of the entire design and move it off the design mat. This way there is an original to go back to if needed.

Select both the egg shape and the zig-zag shape, open the Modify Panel, choose Crop.

Modify Panel copy.jpg

Group all the pieces together before clicking off the design.

If there is a stray part of the design that you see, delete that before grouping.

Stray copy.jpg

Move the original egg shape back and then use the Center Align tool to center the zig-zag on top of the egg.

Center Egg copy

You have just created your own design to cut out of any colors you want using the Flexi-shape option.

Do you want to get the vinyl lined up exactly?
Check out this post – Layering Vinyl – to find out more on using layering marks.

Using the Drawing Tools to create the egg decoration

For those that do not have v4.2 or the Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition upgrade, let’s use the drawing tools and make the egg decoration.

Start with the inner offset egg shape.

On the Page Setup Panel – Tab 2, check the Show Grid & Snap to Grid options.

Choose the Draw Polygon tool on the left side. Click onto the design mat and start drawing the zig-zag shape. With the Snap to Grid option turned on, it will snap the points to each grid spacing as you move the Polygon tool.

Draw Polygon copy

Continue drawing the polygon until you get back to the starting point and then connect the dots.

Edit points copy

Once the polygon shape is closed, changes can be made by double clicking on the shape and bringing up the edit points. Each of these points can be selected and moved. To select multiple points at the same time, hold down the Shift key and click on the points or left click on the mouse and drag the cursor across the edit points to select any that are enclosed in the selection box.

Turn off the Snap to Grid & Show Grid options under the Page Setup Panel – Tab 2, if you choose to. I prefer to design without all the distraction of the lines, unless I need something to be exact and then I turn them on.

Make copies of the zig-zag pattern and fill the egg.

Draw - Align vertical copy

Select all of the zig-zag designs, then use the Vertical Spacing Alignment tool to space the design evenly vertically.

Group the zig-zag pattern together.
To group the design – select all the zig-zag designs, right click and choose Group or use Ctrl + G as the keyboard shortcut (Command+G = MAC).

Group copy

Now, make a copy of the entire design and move it off the design mat. It is always a good idea to have a copy of the original of any design or font to go back to, in case you have to start fresh.

Select both the egg shape and the zig-zag shape, open the Modify Panel, choose Crop.

Draw - Modify - crop copy

With all the pieces selected, right click and choose Group.

Move the Original egg shape back onto the Design mat and use the Align Center tool to line the egg with the pattern.

Draw - Align Center copy

And that is how I created my own chevron patterned egg for the door decor.

Eggs photo

While I could have just found another egg design to buy, drawing my own means it is my own creation. The Silhouette software is such a powerful graphics program, you are only limited by what you know how to do. The more you use these tools, the quicker it will become to create your own designs.

I would highly recommend upgrading the software to the full Business Edition upgrade to have the full power and all the features that the Silhouette software has to offer.
I think it is a great investment and I love not having to question if something is available to me.

Use my code SECRETS10 to save on the Software upgrades from Swing Design.

Software upgrades copy

*Prices in photo above are current as of 4-17-19

Want to know what features are unlocked with each upgrade?
Check out this comparison chart at Silhouette America HERE.

I love being able to customize and change things around. My kids love that I can create different scenes for them, birthday gifts, or almost any other thing they can imagine.
They are already thinking up ideas on how to decorate the skeleton after Easter.


What designs can you think to create today?

Feel free to post your comments and questions below or on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

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  1. I can’t get the newest version to open in my Silhouette program. It asks me to sign and then the sync thing just keeps going. Silhouette said some computers are having that problem. I am so sorry that it doesn’t work.


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