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Silhouette Online Classes

Curio Beginner Setup & First Cuts with Cardstock & Vinyl class released.

Curio Beginner Setup & First Cuts with Cardstock & Vinyl

This 1 hour and 12 minute video class includes:
– Setting up a design page using a Silhouette file to cut
– Setting up the software to cut cardstock
– Setting up the Curio to cut cardstock
– Test cuts
– Setting up a design page using a Silhouette file to cut adhesive vinyl
– How to move a test cut
– Weeding adhesive vinyl
– Applying transfer tape to adhesive vinyl

Find this class information HERE.

Don’t own a Curio, no problem! Other Silhouette classes are available too!
Click HERE for the full list or keep scrolling below to view.
These classes are created in the Silhouette Studio v4 software and include all my tips, tricks, and supply lists to complete each class. All of the classes are created using the same class content that I use when teaching a hands-on, in-person lesson and have as little video editing as possible, in order for you to get the full class effect.

Silhouette Beginner Setup & First Cuts – Get started the with Cameo

Basic Acrylic Etching with the Silhouette Curio

Cutting & Layering HTV in Silhouette Studio

Glass Etching with Silhouette

Heat Transfer Paper Print & Cut lesson with Silhouette

Creating a vinyl decal & layering vinyl using the Silhouette software

Creating a Knockout Design with HTV and Bonus HTV & Subtracting

Creating a Rhinestone Design in Silhouette Studio

However, you learn the Silhouette machine, the best way is to play, play, play.
Each user may be different in how they learn best.
I get a lot of requests for online classes.
Want to see student testimonies?
Click HERE.

What ever tools you use to learn your Silhouette machine, the key is to do it!
Don’t let it sit in the box. Get it out and start playing with it!


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