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Let’s Explore Cameo 4 – Tools

This question came up on my Facebook group last week, so let’s take a look at the current tools available for the Cameo 4.

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Cameo 4 – Tool 1

Tool 1 on the Cameo 4 can use the Cameo 4 Autoblade, Silhouette Black Blade, Premium blade, Deep Cut blade, Sketch pens, Sketch Pen holder, and 2 mm Kraft blade.

Cameo 4 – Tool 1 housing Blades and Tools

The Cameo 4 Autoblade is the only blade that can fit in Tool 1 housing with no adapter. All of the other blades or tools pictured above will fit in the Tool 1 housing with an adapter.

Cameo 4 Tool adapters

Note: this information is accurate as of 6/11/20. The Premium Blade has been redesigned with a small T on the front of it and now fits in the black adapter. Information you may see that was published prior to this date, may show that it fits in the gray adapter.
Older Premium Style blades will fit in the gray adapter, but the new style does not.

The Cameo 3 Autoblade is NOT compatible with the Cameo 4 machine.

Cameo 4 – Tool 2

Tool 2 on the Cameo 4 can use the Rotary blade, the 3 mm Kraft blade, and the Punch Tool.

These are the only blades or tools currently available for the Tool 2 housing on the Cameo 4.

Why can you not put tools from Tool 1 in Tool 2?

The basic answer is because the tool housing for Tool 1 and Tool 2 is not the same. Therefore, the same tools cannot be used in both.

On the Cameo 4, Tool 1 and Tool 2 housings are designed with different motors in them, which means they function differently.

The Tool 1 housing has a motor that allows the housing to move up and down. While the motor is Tool 2 is a circular motor. You can see the difference in these housings if you touch them. Tool 1 will freely move down when you press on the front locking mechanism. While the Tool 2 housing is stationary & does not and should not be forced to move.

I am loving the new tools for the Cameo 4 – Tool 2 housing.

With the Rotary blade I have been cutting crepe paper and fabric. And I love it!
Check out these posts below for more information and tips

Also check out this new free ebook by Silhouette on the Rotary blade available on the Silhouette 101 blog HERE.

I am still in the process of testing several different materials with the 3 mm Kraft blade.
But, I have successfully cut this Light Chipboard from Amazon.
This chipboard is twice as thick as the Silhouette Chipboard.
More details on that coming soon!

What I will say is that each design will vary and some will cut better than others. And it does require multiple passes and patience.
The later is probably the biggest part for successful cuts.
But, all of these were cut using the 3 mm Kraft blade and the Light Chipboard.

Hopefully that helps explain a few of the tools for the Cameo 4!

If you are new to the Cameo 4 and just don’t know where to get started, check out the step-by-step Silhouette Beginner First Cuts video class HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Explore Cameo 4 – Tools”

  1. I love reading all your ideas and you are so much help! I upgraded from a cameo 2, to the 4, and I love it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get the extra blades, as they are always out of stock! What do you suggest!


    1. The rotary blade just came back in stock at Silhouette America. Right now through the 15th if you use my code SILSECRETS you can get free shipping with a $50 order
      ad affil
      Personally, I would grab 2 rotary blades depending on what you might be cutting. It’s always a good idea to have an extra.


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