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FREE Tool Chart for Cameo 4, Cameo Plus, and Cameo Pro

Have you ever wanted a handy chart that shows what blades are what?
What is each blade used for?
Does it need an adapter or does it fit with no adapter?
What materials is each designed to cut?

Today I wanted to share a free resource that I’ve created that gives information on the current blades and tools available for the Cameo 4 , Cameo Plus, and Cameo Pro.

Cameo 4 , Cameo Plus, and Cameo Pro Tool Chart

This free PDF chart is available on my Teachable site HERE where I have my online Silhouette classes hosted.

Click HERE to download or the photo above.

Download this to your computer and open it.
Click the blue links in the chart for more resources on that particular tool.

Print the PDF file out for visual reference as well.

Don’t forget to check out the Silhouette classes on my Teachable site while you are there!
Step-by-step classes taught for many Silhouette projects and software techniques.
And the best part – once registered, you can access any time and as many times as you need to take the class!
Never stop learning & creating!

I also have more blog tutorials that I’ve published regarding specific Tool information.
Check those out here
Let’s Explore Cameo 4 – Tools
New Tools for Cameo 4 models & Portrait 3
15+ Tips for the Silhouette Kraft blades
Cameo 4 Rotary Blade – First Cuts

**Please note that these may be affiliate links which means that by using these links and/or codes, I may received a small compensation for sharing the links with you. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher. Thank you for using affiliate links as it provides a way for me to continue doing what I do as an Instructor, blogger, and event organizer.

These Silhouette supplies can be found at Silhouette retailers in the U.S.
Here are a few:
Silhouette America
The Vinyl Spectrum
Heat Press Nation
Michaels Crafts 
Or outside the U.S. here are a couple Silhouette retailers
– Graphtec GB
– MDP Vinyl Supplier

I hope this helps you get to know your Silhouette Cameo machine a little bit better!

I have lots more things on my project list to share in the future!

I would love to see what you are creating with your Silhouette software or machines!
Feel free to post on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

Save this for future reference by pinning the image below.

Enjoy !

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**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

3 thoughts on “FREE Tool Chart for Cameo 4, Cameo Plus, and Cameo Pro”

  1. Hi Terry

    I so enjoy your site and can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and talent. I was hoping you could help me out. I currently work on a iMac and it’s on borrowed time. Apple computers are so expensive I’m not sure I what to make the investment again. Is it possible to move my designs from the iMac to a PC? If I move over to a PC will I have to buy the Business Edition Software for PC.

    Thanks for your Help MaryEllen Rutherford



    1. I think you have the wrong website. This is EllyMae with Silhouette Secrets+ and I am a TJC Licensed Silhouette Instructor. This website is my own personal Silhouette business.
      A few questions – are your designs saved to the Silhouette library or an external hard drive?
      If they are saved to the external hard drive, then you could just plug it in to the new computer if that external hard drive is compatible with a Windows computer.
      If they are save to the Silhouette cloud, you can log in to the Silhouette library and the files will sync up.
      No, you do not have to buy the Business Edition upgrade again. Here is how to activate the upgrade on the new computer –
      – Have a great day! — EllyMae


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