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New Tools for Cameo 4 models & Portrait 3

New Type B Tools – 1 mm and 2 mm blades releasing!
Coming Soon!

You asked and Silhouette America listened! Many said they didn’t like having to use the adapters with the Cameo 4 models or Portrait 3 machines. Well, they heard that and created a new 1mm Manual Blade and 2 mm Manual Blade. These are equivalent to the Premium blade (1 mm) and the Deep Cut Blade (2 mm) blades that currently are out, except the new ones fit directly in the housing.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Ok, so first, as I write this post, these blades have been released in some International areas right now (February 2021). They are estimated to be released in the U.S. in March of 2021. Keep in mind that this is an estimated time and things are crazy right now as they have been this past year.

I am lucky enough to have International contacts and a big shout out to my FB group Admin (Teresa P.) who was able to order and ship them to me! Yay!
So I get to share this information with all of you!
Thank you Teresa P.!

Again, I want to make sure that for all my U.S. readers – these blades are coming, but have not been released in the U.S. yet. Estimated release of March 2021.

Here are the new Tool Type B tools.
On the left is the 1 mm Blade, which is the equivalent to the Premium blade. And on the right is the new 2 mm Blade, which is the equivalent to the Deep Cut blade.

So, let’s talk about the differences between these blades and the older style. The main difference is that the new Tool Type B tools will fit directly in the Tool 1 housing of the Cameo 4, Cameo Plus, Cameo Pro, or Portrait 3.

Tool Type B 1 mm Blade = older style Premium
Tool Type B 2 mm Blade = older style Deep Cut Blade

All of these blades are “manual” blades, which means that you will have to adjust the blade depth “manually” by turning the bottom of the blade to the correct blade depth. But, the best part is that with this manual style blade, you can actually go in between on the numbers if you want. For example, to do a 1.5 blade depth if needed.

Note: in the older software these blades will be called “ratchet” blades because of the manual setting. In the newer software versions being released, starting with v4.4.472, they will be called “manual” blades in the Tool Type on the Send tab. Both designations still mean the same thing. You have to “manually” adjust the blade depth, the machine does not do it for you.

Since you set the blade depth manually, there is no need to wait or watch to see if the blade adjusted to the correct depth like you do with the Autoblade. You set the blade depth and the software knows it’s a “ratchet” or “manual” blade and it gets to cutting.

How do you adjust these “manual” blades?

Here is a video explanation of adjusting the blades and the adapters that are needed with the older style blades.

What types of materials can these blades be used for?

The Premium blade and Tool Type B 1 mm blade can generally be used for any material that is under 1 mm in thickness. However, keep in mind that material density can play a factor into all materials that you cut. Even if something is thin, it may be dense and therefore more difficult to cut.

The most common materials that the blade is used for are: paper, cardstock, adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, sticker sheets, and other specialty materials.

The Deep Cut blade and Tool Type B 2 mm blade are generally used for any material under 2 mm in thickness. However, keep in mind that blade depth 1-10 is the same as a regular blade, the difference comes with the depths of 11-20.
Again keep in mind that with all blades and materials, the material density is going to play a factor.

The most common materials cut with this blade are: craft foam, thicker faux leather, thick cardstock, chipboard, coverstock, and other specialty materials.
If a regular blade set at a 10 and force of 33 is not cutting through a material, then I will give the Deep Cut blade a try and see if it will get the job done.

For more information on materials and settings check out this newly released video by Silhouette America on their YouTube channel called
Silhouette Support Series – Material Types and Settings.

Where can you find these blades?

Again, these are estimated for release in the U.S. in March 2021 and have already been released in some International locations.

These new blades will be available at Silhouette retailers as they get stock in.

Here are a few places you can look for them once they are released:
Silhouette America
Heat Press Nation
Swing Design
The Vinyl Spectrum

Note: Swing Design does have these listed under the blades section on their website. They are showing Sold Out, however did not miss out. They have not been released in the U.S and that is just how they show on the site at the moment.

And I know everyone is going to ask – What do they cost?

At the moment since they have not been released in the U.S., I do not know the U.S. retail value that retailers will be listing. Once released, I will update the post with more information.

Testing these new blades out

Now, I couldn’t just leave these new blades in the package.
Time for testing!

Testing the 1 mm Tool Type B blade

I first tested in the v4.4.463 software and it was recognized as soon as I put the blade in.

I first started with a blade depth of a 2 as that is what I have been using with my older blade in my Cameo Pro.

It weeded beautifully!

But, a brand new blade is really sharp and it cut a bit too deep.
Remember I said you can adjust the “manual” blades in between blade depths?

I placed it between the 1 and the 2. Perfect cut!

Testing the 2 mm Tool Type B blade

Now, I just grabbed some of my kid’s craft foam. I have no idea how long I’ve had it or where I got it.

I used the recommended settings for Craft Foam in the software.

I am now using the v4.4.472 software where the new “manual” blade is listed under the Tool section.

Always check the cut before you unload the mat. This way if it didn’t cut completely through, you can send it again. I did have to send the craft foam again to cut, but on the 2nd pass through, it cut completely and cleanly through.

Now, I have not cut a lot of craft foam, so I will be looking for more ideas.
But, why not test this a bit more.
I chose a smaller design, just to see what it could do.

This was a little bit more intricate of a design and after sending the design through to cut twice, so a total of 4 passes, I still had to “pop it out” a bit. But, I am thrilled with the results. I’ve only cut craft foam a couple of times and it definitely didn’t cut like this before.
Again, the craft foam brand can make a big difference to. I have no idea what I grabbed from the stash.

My son asked for a frog when I asked him what I should cut from craft foam.
I was not sure how this card would turn out, but it works!

I always recommend having extra blades and mats on hand. Through experience, there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a big project and not having cuts turn out.
A new blade or cutting mat can make a big difference!

Grab some extra mats and supplies at Silhouette America with my code SILSECRETS and save 30% right now through February 14, 2021.
Enter the code SILSECRETS at checkout and the savings will show.
I grabbed a few extra Strong hold cutting mats this month for an upcoming class
Cutting Leather with the Cameo 4 & Kraft blade.
Stay tuned for more details on that!

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