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Silhouette Studio – Adding cut settings & exporting

I just recently returned from the All Things Silhouette Conference and I always learn so many things. Even though I’ve been using the Silhouette software for over 6 years now, I learn all kinds of new things everyday. However, at ATS Conference, there is such a gathering of so many great instructors and students, that it just blows my mind how many things I pick up.

Even though I was on staff and an Instructor at this year’s ATS Conference, I learned things in all the classes whether I was a helper in or ones I taught.
That is what makes this so amazing!


I attended Ben Wood’s – Tips Tricks and Troubleshooting class and even though I troubleshoot issues on many FB groups daily, I do not know it all and never will. I picked up so much from this class and many things I suggest when users have issues were reinforced in this class. Ben is the head of Silhouette support and we had a chance to ask him our questions.

One thing (out of the many I learned) that stood out to me was how to Export User Defined Settings.

What are User Defined Settings?

This is when you create your own custom settings in the Silhouette software and save those settings. And now I know how to export those as well, just in case something happens either to the software or to load to a new computer.

First let’s look at the Material Settings under the Send tab in the Silhouette Studio version 4.
There are 2 sections to this area – Preset Settings and User Defined Settings.

Preset Settings

These are the settings that Silhouette has provided for us. The settings are what have been tested with Silhouette products. However, I find that the preset settings work for me about 98% of the time with other brands of materials. I always do a test cut first, just in case it does need to be tweaked.
But, you do pick up tips as you go, such as, I have always cut most cardstock with the Textured Cardstock setting and it works well for me.

These are found under the Send tab in the top right corner of Silhouette Studio & then under the Material drop down menu.

Material Settings copy copy

User Defined Settings

These are settings you can create and add to the Silhouette software for future use.

They are found at the bottom of the Materials drop down menu when you scroll down. When a new setting is added, it will appear at the very bottom of the list, but after the software is shut down and reopened, these settings will appear in alphabetical order under the User Defined section.

Material Settings - User Defined copy

Now, the next question is – how do you add a User Defined Setting and save it?

Adding User Defined Settings

  1. On the Send tab, click on the 3 dots for the Advanced Material Panel.Advanced cut setting copy
  2. Click on the + to Add New material
    Add New Material copy
  3. Type the name & hit Enter. Choose a name you will remember – include settings for quick reference.For example: Curio Platforms used – add that number at the end or if you are using multiple settings for a project with different Force settings, add the Force number at the end.New Material type copy
  4. Click on the Large + if you are adding a different action than Cut.
    The options are: Cut, Score, Emboss, Stipple and Etch. Each action tells the Silhouette machine to move the tools a bit differently.Actions added copy
  5. Click back on the Cut action and choose “Remove Action” – if it is not needed.
    It will depend on the project you are creating on what action you would use.
    For example: I taught the Acrylic Etching class at the November 2018 All Things Silhouette Conference, for class we added a specific setting to etch the acrylic with the Curio machine. When the Etch action is added, the Cut action is no longer needed because we are not using a cutting blade for the project. Since each action functions differently and tells the tools to work in a different pattern, the Cut action needs to be removed.
    Remove Cut Action copy
  6. Double check & verify the settings stay the same. Then click Save.
    If you type them sometimes they will revert or not hold vs using the arrows to adjust.
    Click Save copy
  7. Hit X to Exit Advanced Settings
    X out copy
  8. Then choose the new setting you have created in the Materials Drop down box and verify that the settings saved correctly.
    Verify settings saved

Now, what happens after you create these custom settings? What if your computer crashes, software has a glitch, you have to uninstall the software & reinstall, you get a new computer or you want to share these settings with students?

You can export these settings and save to safe location to be able to import them back in if needed.
Pretty amazing, right? I know!
This is only 1 thing I learned at the All Things Silhouette Conference that I didn’t know before.

Exporting User Defined Settings

  1. Click on the Advanced Materials Settings under the Send tab.Advanced cut setting copy
  2. Right click on the Material setting & choose Export.Export UDS copy copy
  3. If for some reason these settings disappear or you get a new computer, right click on the Advanced Materials Panel and choose Import.Import USD copy

How to Export Multiple User Defined Settings 

Export multiple settings copy copy

  1. Select the material setting.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and select additional material settings.
  3. Then right click and choose Export Selected Items.

This will come in handy on so many projects! Whether you have your own cut settings you like to use or have specialty products that are not in the presets.

Make sure that you go check out Terri Johnson Creates blog and sign up to get notified for new information released. The next All Things Silhouette Conference will be announced soon and I have it on my calendar for 2019.


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