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Cutting Cards with the Silhouette

I started my Silhouette journey as a paper crafter and it has expanded from there. But, I always still love getting paper out and playing with it.

I love being able to make custom cards and unique items with my Silhouette machines.

It was my husband’s birthday last month, so I needed a card.

This year, while I was shopping for the perfect card idea, he was upstairs playing on the xbox and this one popped into my view – Happy Birthday Circuitry by Snapdragon Snippets – Design #78049.

Design file

When you open this file, here is how it looks.

File open

The first thing I do is ungroup the file and then use the Fill Color Panel to add color to the design to make it easier to work with.

Color fill.JPG

Now, I place one color on my mat, move the pieces of the design onto the virtual design mat and cut that color. Then I move those pieces off the virtual design mat and move another color on to cut, until I have all the pieces of my card cut out for assembly.

Normally, I don’t use a spray adhesive but this time, I thought it would be perfect since the card front had so many twists and turns.


A quick spray and it was ready to smooth down on the card base.

It was the perfect time to test my new Portrait 2 out.


I used Close to My Heart Cardstock, a Scrapbook Adhesive by 3L tape runner, spray adhesive and a silver brad to complete this card.


There are so many projects you can complete using your Silhouette machines! I hope you try something new today!

I would love to see what projects you create! Feel free to post on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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