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Silhouette Library – Export Individual Files

Did you know you can now export your personal user designs individually from the Silhouette library easily and fairly quickly? It has actually been available in the software since the release of v4.4.552 in May 2021. So it's been available for quite some time, but I don't think a lot of users know about it… Continue reading Silhouette Library – Export Individual Files

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Let’s Explore v4 – File Organization

We are continuing the Let's Explore v4 - Silhouette Organization series today with some tips to organizing additional files that you may be using for Silhouette. Find the first 2 parts of the Let's Explore v4 Organization series here:Let's Explore v4 - Silhouette BackupsLet's Explore v4 - Library Organization As I mentioned in my previous… Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – File Organization