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Cameo 4 Cover and more!

Look what I did!
(Read to the end and you’ll find a surprise!)

SilSecrets_Cover copy

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Now, usually I am not one who can decide what design to put on my machine. But, when I saw Sparkleberry Ink release this Laura’s Abalone design, I just knew what I wanted to do with it.

Note: you will need a piece of Sparkleberry Ink vinyl or other brand that is at least 12″ x 24″ long.

I created this Cameo 4 cover all by using a tape measure, the drawing tools in the Silhouette software, and cutting test cuts of the templates to make sure they would fit before cutting my precious Sparkleberry Ink vinyl.

So how did I do it?

I started out by measuring each space that I wanted to add a piece of vinyl to and writing that down.


Cameo 4 cover_updated copy

Then I chose the draw rectangle tool in the software and created a rounded rectangle (6.285″ x 2.420) for the top left panel (E).

Drawing rounded rectangle copy

Next, I drew a rectangle (6.285″ x 2.687″). I used the Align tools to center the rectangles together and then moved them together until the total width of the panel was 2.682″. Then I selected both the rounded and regular rectangle and made a copy, this way I have an original shape to go back to. And I’m so glad I did because I had to cut this one a couple of times to get the right rounded rectangle angles.

Next, I right clicked and chose Weld.

Weld copy

Then I cut it from cardstock to see how well it fit. Here are a few of the pieces I test cut to see how they would work for the panels.

IMG_20191016_165058335 copy

Then I continued to measure each and draw the shapes according to those measurements.

IMG_20191016_165117249 copy

By cutting it out of cardstock, I could place the cardstock up to the space available and see how it fit. If it was too big, I could scale it down. If it was too small, I could scale it up a little bit.

I added all my pieces of my design to a “working file” that I saved, just in case something happened.

Working file copy

Once I knew the piece would fit, I then moved it to my original cut file and positioned it on the mat, so I could get the most out of the 12″ x 24″ cutting space.

Silhouette file photo copy

Then I did something daring. I wanted mine to have sparkle to it. So I took a 12″ x 24″ piece of Glitter Laminate Overlay and I applied it to the top of the Sparkleberry InkLaura’s Abalone adhesive vinyl.

Why is this daring? Well, anytime you add a layer on top of another layer, you have the chance of getting bubbles. But, I went for it!

I followed these instructions HERE for using the Glitter Laminate Overlay and it worked! Would I recommend this for all users – No, probably not. I would definitely recommend practicing with a smaller piece first. But, sometimes you just have to go for it 😉 !

IMG_20191011_200646477 copy

Look at it sparkle!

This is definitely one of those times that you feel all giddy when a project is coming together. If you look really close on the right side in the photo above, you may even see a few bubbles. I’m good with that.

IMG_20191011_205303758 copy

After all the pieces were cut, I cut them apart, added transfer tape and started applying 1 panel at a time. I of course started with the largest panel first, the cover.
Well, at this point – might as well go big.

IMG_20191011_205311771 copy

Since this Laura’s Abalone pattern was directional, I realized after I cut the first one, I had turned a couple of the panels to fit on the mat and that affected the way the pattern was. So I ended up re-cutting a few pieces so the entire pattern matched.
(I corrected that in the final cut file – see below)

IMG_20191012_082222452 copy

I was happy with it as it shows above, however, my kids came to inspect it and my 10 year old said, “Mom, what about the top? Aren’t you going to do the top pieces, so when the lid is open, it all flows.”

Very good point!

Cameo 4 cover copy

And the final pieces were created.

Updated – 1/12/20 to include right panel & UK top panel option
IMG_20200112_093933194 copy

Now, is it perfect? Nope, it has a few bubbles in it. But, I’m ok with that and hopefully as it settles, those will work themselves out or I can help them a little bit.

But, I have to say I love it!
It sits on my desk next to my computer and just sparkles at me.

Now, I did all the measuring and test cutting, but you don’t have to!

Feel free to grab this free cut file of the Cameo 4 cover I created HERE.

Silhouette file photo copy

Cameo 4 cover FREE cut file

Header photo copy

Now, what if you do not have a Cameo 4 yet or don’t plan to buy one? Well, you can still use some pretty Sparkleberry Ink vinyl to add a little color to your Cameo if you would like, no matter what model you have.

I’ve updated and created a full cover file for the Cameo 3 model as well.
Grab this free cut file HERE

Cameo 3 cover example copy

I did cut without a mat when creating this one since it is a larger surface area, however, you could use a 12″ x 24″ cutting mat as well and arrange the pieces on it. Just keep in mind that if you pattern has a direction to it, you want to keep the same consistency in how the pattern goes across the cuts.

I’d also suggest going slow and taking your time when applying, especially on the lid. It is a large surface to get lined up. In this cut file, the pieces are designed slightly smaller than the actual panel sizes, so there is a little bit of machine color showing through to break up the pattern.

For more details on cutting without a mat, check out this post HERE.

Cameo 3 and 4 copy

Cameo 3-4 lid closed copy

I did not cover the inside of the Cameo 3 lid as it has some instructions inside. If you would choose to do so, I would recommend measuring the inside and then drawing a rectangle that same size. I used cardstock and cut out a piece that was the same length top to bottom and held it up to the machine to make sure it was the correct size, before I committed a full sheet of adhesive vinyl.

Or if you have other model machines, grab this Silhouette Cameo Cover Template from the Silhouette Design Store, some of your favorite Sparkleberry Ink vinyl & maybe some Glitter Laminate Overlay too and get to cutting.
*Note this file contains cuts for the Cameo 1 panels, Cameo 2 panels, and Cameo 3 lid.

Silhouette cover

I would love to see how you decorate your Silhouette machine!

Here is my Silhouette Mint Stamp machine decorated in another Sparkleberry Ink pattern called Cute Crawlers Lime.


Feel free to post your machine decoration or any Silhouette projects on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

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    1. After downloading the file, did you extract/unzip the folder? You would need to in order to open the file in Silhouette. And you would need to do this from a computer that has the Silhouette software installed on it.
      Files that are zipped are compressed for easy file download, so it goes faster. But, they do need to be extracted or unzipped first before you can access the full file.
      Please let me know if you get it to open after unzipping it.


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