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Silhouette Curio Virtual Retreat Highlights

We just wrapped up the first Silhouette Curio Virtual retreat this past weekend that was hosted by Terri Johnson Creates and it was a success! 3 days of diving into Curio projects that included metal etching, acrylic etching, leather embossing, more acrylic etching, and sketching on wood.

This event was originally scheduled as a hands-on retreat, but due to the current situation we made the decision not to cancel it but to move it to a virtual online retreat. Students received class supply kits, written instructions, access to recorded video lessons for each project, video conference calls for discussion & questions, and support through our private Facebook group during the event.

Let me tell you, I have been testing these class projects for months, over and over. And by the end of an event, I will admit I sometimes feel that I just don’t need another project with my initial on it.

But, these attendees blew me away. They watched the video classes and created some fabulous projects! I hope these project photos will inspire you just like they have me!

Silhouette Metal Etching

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Thank you Silhouette for sponsoring this class using the Silhouette metal etching sheets!

Acrylic Etched Coasters with the Curio

Thank you Craft Chameleon for sponsoring this class.

We used the Acrylic Coaster, Curio Coaster Template and Mandala Heart design by Sophie Gallo – Design #275077.

Embossed Leather Earrings & Key Fob

Thank you to Silver Creek Leather Co. for sponsoring this class.
We used ReaLeather tooling leather in this project with the Silhouette Embossing Tool.

Check out this short video showing the Curio in action on the leather.

Etched Acrylic Panel & Silhouette Design

Thank you Craft Chameleon for sponsoring this class.

Sketching on Wood

We used the Pine Cone sketch design by Tanya Batrak – Design #236611 for the main sketching design and then the attendees got creative and branched out.

While we could not meet in person due to the circumstances, we had a great time meeting together in the first Virtual Curio retreat.

For more information on the Silhouette Curio, check these out:
Curio Unboxing Video
Let’s Explore – The Curio – Getting Started
Beginner Curio Metal Etching
Basic Acrylic Etching with the Curio

The feedback we received from the event was amazing!
Here are just a few of the reviews from this weekend.

“I was glad when it was announced that this would be a virtual class. I wasn’t going to be able to attend otherwise. I was a little skeptical of taking a virtual class like this since I am not self motivated to watch online videos. But I found that I was very motivated to keep up with the class schedule and projects. Loved being able to watch the classes and stop, back up, and go over a technique several times if I needed to. Would love to take more classes like this with Terri and Elly. Fantastic instructional classes and awesome instructors. Thank you for taking us to another level of learning.” Carol R

“A truly wonderful virtual experience. It was so relaxing to go at your own pace and rewind the videos when you “didn’t quite get it” as many times as you needed or refer back to the written instructions when that worked better. Terri and EllyMae were always there for you when you needed to reach out and the ZOOM calls opened you to questions and answers you might not have thought about. I would definitely take another virtual class. You can see just how much time and detail was put in to these classes. Thank you Terri and EllyMae for a fantastic experience and loving all the knowledge I gained.” Jean S

“Thanks so much for offering this virtually. We had contact with other participants through Zoom, the projects were varied and fun, and the instruction was superb!. The videos were well-organized, thorough, and well paced. It was helpful to be able to go back and repeat sections. The workbook is an excellent resource going forward. I hope you continue to offer virtual retreats. “ Boo M.

“This retreat was a blast! Everything – from materials to instruction sheets to instructional videos – was so thought out down to the tiniest detail. Terri and EllyMae, as well as the retreat helpers, are experts in all things Curio – how it works, how to troubleshoot, about the materials, cut/etch settings, Silhouette software, etc. They are genuine, professional, personable, and very patient. I learned some new techniques and how to use some materials I had never thought of. My mind is now in overdrive thinking of all the projects and possibilities. I would so do this again – either in person or virtual.” Leigh W

“This was an outstanding weekend. I would definitely take another class in this format. I had all my materials available to me in my space, I was able to go at my own pace & could rewind if I needed to listen to something again. I loved it!! Judy A.”

Those are just a few and I’ll share more in the future.

We are all finding ourselves in a new time with the current events happening and this virtual retreat was definitely a new experience for us all.

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We want to say a great big THANK YOU to all our sponsors!
From class sponsorship’s to goody bag items to your support, we cannot do this without YOU!
Atlanta Stylish Point
Craft Chameleon
Silhouette America
Silver Creek Leather Co.
Sparkleberry Ink

I’d love to see what you are creating with your Silhouette!
Feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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