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Let’s Explore v 4 Recap

We are half-way through 2018 – can you believe that?

So it’s the perfect time to recap what the “Let’s Explore v4” series has covered so far since January.

Let's Explore Recap final 2copy

Let’s Explore v 4 series

Page Setup Panel – Tab 1 – Page Size & Cutting Mat

Page Setup copy

Page Setup Panel – Tab 2 – Grid Options & Spacing

Page Setup Tab 2 copy

Page Setup Panel – Tab 3 – Registration Marks – Print & Cut

Registration marks panel copy

Fill Color Panel

Fill Color Panel copy

Line Style Panel

Line Style Panel copy

Trace Panel – Tab 1 – Basic Trace

Tracing Panel copy

Trace Panel – Tab 2 – Trace By Color (Designer Edition feature)

Trace Panel copy

Trace Panel – Tab 3 – Magnet Trace (Designer Edition feature)

Magnet Trace Panel copy

Pixscan Panel

Pixscan copy

Text Style Panel – Tab 1 – Text Style

Text Style Panel main copy

Text Style Panel – Glyphs and Spell check


Transform Panel – Tab 1 – Align Tab

Transform Panel copy

Transform Panel – Tab 2 – Scale Tab

Scale tab copy

Transform Panel – Tab 3 – Rotate Tab

Rotate main copy

Transform Panel – Tab 4 – Move by Tab

4-25 Transform -Move copy

Transform Panel – Tab 5 – Shear (Designer Edition feature)

Shear Panel copy

Replicate Panel – Tab 1 & 2 – Replicate & Number of Copies

Replicate panel copy

Replicate Panel – Tab 3 – Object to Path

Replicate Object on Path copy

Modify Panel – Part 1

Modify Panel copy

Modify Panel – Part 2 – Compound Paths

Modify Panel details copy

Offset Panel

6-5 Offset Panel copy

Pop Up Panel (Designer Edition feature)

Pop Up Panel copy

Stipple Panel (Curio option only)

Stipple panel copy

Nesting Panel (Designer Edition feature)

Nesting feature copy

There are so many things that the Silhouette Studio program can do. It is really an amazing program and I hope that you have learned something throughout the series. There is still so much more to explore!

Please let me know what is one thing you have learned that you did not know before by leaving a comment here or on my Facebook group.

Enjoy !

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