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Let’s Explore v4.3+ – Glyphs

If you have downloaded a v4.3 software version or higher, then you may see a few changes that have been made to a couple screens. A few icons, a few new options, etc. We discussed the new Page Setup Panel look in this post a few weeks back - Let's Explore v4.3 - Page Setup… Continue reading Let’s Explore v4.3+ – Glyphs

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Let’s Explore v4 – Text Style – Glyphs

Have you heard of Glyphs? These are special characters that some fonts have included with them. Glyphs can be flourishes, fancy letters, punctuation or characters with accents, shapes, etc. With the software Silhouette Studio version of v4.1.197 and the Designer Edition software upgrade, came the option to unlock the glyphs feature in Silhouette Studio. This… Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Text Style – Glyphs