Silhouette “Secret” to Working with an Uncolored Design

Have you ever opened up a design file and it was not filled with color or did not look like the thumbnail image of the design? Today I'm sharing a quick video tutorial on the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube channel on how you can easily work with these types of files and why they may open… Continue reading Silhouette “Secret” to Working with an Uncolored Design

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10 Let’s Explore v4 posts to get started

Whether you are a beginner or experienced with the Silhouette software, there is always something new to learn in it. I don't think any one person can remember every single thing this software is capable of. And speaking from my own personal experience, I think all users get in a routine of doing the same… Continue reading 10 Let’s Explore v4 posts to get started

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Bus Driver Appreciation gift

Over on the Silhouette School blog today I showed how to use the Cut by Fill Color option to create a layered vinyl decal for perfect placement.   Now I'm going to show you how I took that design, shrunk it down and used the same technique to create a bag tag for our Bus… Continue reading Bus Driver Appreciation gift

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Let’s Explore v4 – Fill Color Panel

Today we are going to explore the Fill Color Panel located on the right side of Silhouette Studio v4. I use this feature a lot when I design in the Silhouette software for many reasons. Now, understand that by filling a design with color, it does not cut in that color. The color you fill… Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Fill Color Panel