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Let’s Explore v4 – Activate an Upgrade

If you have used any sort of software in your lifetime, you know that there are always updates. In the Silhouette software updates and upgrades are 2 different things. Updates are free and add features, fix bugs, allow new machines to be accessed, make changes, etc. I recommend downloading the updates direct from the Silhouette… Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Activate an Upgrade

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Create a Shaped Edge Card in Silhouette

Have you ever had a design that just kept "talking" to you and creating more ideas to be made with it?My gnome design file took on a life of it's own and one project after another came to mind. Affiliate links may be present in the following blog post and as an Amazon Associate I… Continue reading Create a Shaped Edge Card in Silhouette

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Get more out of your Silhouette designs

It all starts with 1 design.And then you never know where it will take you. Long story short, I volunteered to provide a craft for my son's 4th grade class. He picked the design and then it just snowballed from there. One project after another. Affiliate links may be present in the following blog post… Continue reading Get more out of your Silhouette designs

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New Silhouette class – Glass Etching

Let me tell you, this class was challenging. Teaching how to use Silhouette is the easy part that I can do with my eyes closed (maybe most of the time). However, the tech issues, it was non-stop for me this round. And not Silhouette tech issues, but everything else, from recording software to the editing… Continue reading New Silhouette class – Glass Etching


New feature – Export individual files

Quick post today sharing a new feature!I had previously shared this in a post about getting a new computer- find that HERE.But, I feel it also needs it's own blog post as well. Export User Designs from Silhouette Library – New Feature! If you have downloaded the current version or a version higher than v4.4.552,… Continue reading New feature – Export individual files


A Quick Gift Idea with Silhouette

This year I'm early. Last year I didn't get the neighbor gifts completed until after Christmas. Check out the TP Snowmen & the file I shared a couple weeks ago from last year HERE. This year, I decided to create something that I've seen pop up over and over the last few years. They are… Continue reading A Quick Gift Idea with Silhouette

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Silhouette Spotlight – Adria.Crafts

Today I want to share with you a Silhouette Secrets+ follower that I find inspiring. Note: this post is photo heavy as I share these amazing projects I first spotted her projects on my Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae Facebook group and I was just in awe. I then had to follow her on Instagram to… Continue reading Silhouette Spotlight – Adria.Crafts

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New Computer Tips

New computer - Now what? Are you a Silhouette owner and just got a new computer? Not sure where to go from there? It is pretty easy to get setup and running with a new computer and I'm going to share a few tips. First when you get a new computer, be prepared that it… Continue reading New Computer Tips

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Silhouette Blades Info & Tips

I always recommend having at least one extra blade and mat on hand just in case. Speaking from personal experience that there is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a big project and things aren't cutting well. Affiliate links may be present in the following blog post and as an Amazon Associate… Continue reading Silhouette Blades Info & Tips