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Custom Gift Wrap with Silhouette

The Silhouette Studio software is so powerful in what it can do and what you can create with it. The biggest limit is YOU! The more time you take to learn about the Silhouette software and how to do things in it, the more you can expand your skills and apply those to your future… Continue reading Custom Gift Wrap with Silhouette

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Silhouette Project Fail or Success? Both?

Let me just start off with saying – I hate painting. I hate waiting for it to dry!I hate that you have to do it in so many stages! I hate when it doesn’t turn out! But I gave it another go! I really did try.I’ve been doing a lot of painting and I still… Continue reading Silhouette Project Fail or Success? Both?

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Black Friday Sales continue…..

Lots of great Black Friday sales happening!If you are in need of some supplies to use with your Silhouette check out the fullBlack Friday landing page HERE or at the top of the blog. I don't want you to miss out on these great savings to stock up if you need it! Affiliate links may… Continue reading Black Friday Sales continue…..

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Silhouette Black Friday Elite sale – code SILSECRETS

It's that time of year - Black Friday sales and as a Silhouette Elite Affiliate that means I get to bring you the specials a bit early. Starting today, Tuesday at 8 am MST, the Silhouette Black Friday sale goes live when you enter my code SILSECRETS at checkout.Sale ends on December 7th, but don't… Continue reading Silhouette Black Friday Elite sale – code SILSECRETS

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Silhouette Classes – 2 new classes released!!!

This week I released 2 new classes on my Teachable site.A Silhouette print & cut class and a Curio metal etching placement class! Here are the details of each class: Silhouette Print and Cut - Basics to Design Files to Troubleshooting Join me in 2+ hours of video course that covers Silhouette Print & Cut… Continue reading Silhouette Classes – 2 new classes released!!!

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Wood-burning with Gunpowder & Silhouette

Yes, you read that right. Gunpowder wood-burning! I was first introduced to this technique by my friend Kat G. last year when she submitted it for a class at the All Things Silhouette Conference. Once I told my husband about it we started looking into it a little bit more and found there are many… Continue reading Wood-burning with Gunpowder & Silhouette

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Cameo Pro Tips – Must Have Tools & Materials

So now the new Cameo Pro has been released and I know many of you have been waiting on this! Now what? With the release news of this new 24” cutting machine, I have a few tips to share after testing it the last few weeks. I found that there were several tools that came… Continue reading Cameo Pro Tips – Must Have Tools & Materials

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Maker’s Sign with the Cameo Pro

When I first learned I would be getting the Cameo Pro 24” cutting machine, I started out by making a list of projects that I would want to create, started gathering large wood blanks, and started looking through my Silhouette designs in order to decide what I wanted to create. I don’t know about you,… Continue reading Maker’s Sign with the Cameo Pro

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Cameo 4 Pro New Features

Cameo 4 Pro New Features I’m so excited to be able to bring this to you and let you know the new features that the Cameo 4 Pro machine has available. First, here is an unboxing video of the Cameo 4 Pro. When I watched the replay of the video I had to laugh because… Continue reading Cameo 4 Pro New Features

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Let’s Explore v4 – Line Effects

If you have been around the Silhouette software for awhile, you may or may not have noticed that there was a change in the software. This change seemed to happen overnight and it's not one that would severely impact a user, but you may see the differences in tutorials.With the release of v4.2.479, the Sketch… Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Line Effects